Luke Skywalker Sure Did Kill A Lot Of People

Luke Skywalker Sure Did Kill A Lot Of People

Video: Darth Vader is nowhere near the young Jedi. Taking official numbers into account, MrSundayMovies carefully calculated how many people Luke killed in the original Star Wars trilogy. It's a staggering 369,470. Dammit, Luke.

And it's just the original trilogy. Things like Timothy Zahn's books are not even included. Does this mean... he's really the bad guy? Or is it just Imperial propaganda?


    Didn't Vader destroy a whole planet, pretty sure he still wins

      That was more Tarkin than Vader

        They were both acting on behalf of the Emperor so it's actually he that is responsible.

    404 - video not available

      Copy the URL into

        Or use proxmate if you're using Chrome. No more region locked websites :)

        Uh, somehow double posted. Not sure what happened there.

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