Virtual Mt. Everest Will Let Anyone Climb It

Virtual Mt. Everest Will Let Anyone Climb It

You've (probably) never climbed Mt Everest. Icelandic studio Sólfar Studios want to help change that, without the hassle of having to risk death by extreme cold. Which is a very real risk, since nearly 300 climbers have been killed since 1922 trying to reach the summit.

They're working on a model of the world's tallest mountain for VR systems, which has composited over 300,000 photos to create "a highly detailed 3D point cloud of the whole area". The whole thing is then being built using Unreal Engine 4 and destined for "high-end VR platforms", which I assume means Oculus Rift and Valve's Vive, not a Samsung Gear.

It's due out next year. Hopefully some snowspeeders can be modded in shortly after.


    Wouldn't mind climbing that in a non VR version too. And yes I meant on a computer!

    Having trouble scaling the mountain? Simply pay $4.99 for one helpful Sherpa! Or try our value pack, where you get 5 Sherpas for just $19.99! And don't forget to pre-order your copy in order to secure your special edition pre-order pants! You definitely don't want to scale Everest without pants!*

    *pants only available from one specific GameSpot store located somewhere in South Louisiana, between the hours of 11:34pm and 11:35pm, on the first full moon in July, when redeemed with the blood of a virgin and the sacrifice of your first born child.

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