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HTC are introducing a new Vive Pro headset for $1199 that promises the latest and greatest in VR visuals and comfort.

Or you could not because HTC has also dropped the price on the full kit of the current Vive, which seems like a much better deal.


With on-screen hands used for everything from drawing weapons to flipping the siren on a patrol car, L.A. Noire: VR Case Files nails one of the main features I look for in a virtual reality port. But it also has this hat.


It's easy to lose yourself for hours in the regular console or PC version of Fallout 4. One would imagine it's even easier when completely surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Bostonian wastes in the Vive-exclusive Fallout 4 VR, but when you're just a pair of objects floating in space, it isn't quite the same.


I played Doom VFR for an hour while wearing a US Air Force cold-weather flight jacket in a room with poor ventilation. I was deep in the third circle of game heck: I was hot, I had a torture contraption on my face, and I was playing Doom. To cap it all off, the room was soundproof, meaning no one could hear me scream.


In 2003, when Second Life launched, all it took was a few customisation bars and the promise of infinite possibility to get users hooked on the idea of a virtual reality. Now, in 2017, our standards are a bit higher. "Immersion" isn't as easy to sell with a microphone, an avatar and some content creation software. Sansar, made by Second Life creator Linden Lab, is striving to meet 2017's standards -- even if it may be getting ahead of itself.


Announced during the PlayStation press conference at E3 2017, Moss is a virtual reality action-adventure puzzle game starring a brave mouse named Quill. The player acts as the game's camera, but they're also a character in the world. A character with an adorable little rodent friend.

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Virtual reality is the next big thing in gaming, but wearing the headsets causes motion sickness for some. Even I've experienced a little motion sickness while playing despite the fact I never struggled with it in the past (no vomiting yet). If you're worried about hurling, there are a few things you can do to make the experience more pleasant.


We're all familiar with what zombies want to eat, but has anyone tried feeding them something else? Burgers, perhaps? The PixelJunk people at Q-Games give it a try in their first virtual reality game, Dead Hungry, and it works like a charm. Who knew?


For as long as humans have dreamed, we've dreamed of flying. We've built machines to launch us into the heavens, ever aware that we're merely visitors. Reality falls short, but virtual reality brings us a bit closer in Ubisoft's Eagle Flight.


With recent advances from both AMD and Nvidia bringing mobile graphics processors within a breath of desktop power levels, PCs that make use of laptop tech to be tiny are more powerful than ever. I'm currently playing with Zotac's GTX 1060-powered Magnus Zbox, and it's handling VR like a champ.


It remains frustratingly difficult to convey what is good or interesting about new VR games, especially to anyone who hasn't already played games while wearing virtual reality goggles. New VR games come out weekly, many of them not so great. Sometimes, though, we find a game with a spark of promise we need to tell you about.