Describe Your Dream VR World And Win A $1299 HTC Vive Cosmos Headset (Last Day!)

Describe Your Dream VR World And Win A $1299 HTC Vive Cosmos Headset (Last Day!)

2020 has been a cracking year for VR, and with the massive amount of power gaming PCs have gotten with new CPUs and GPUs, there’s never been a better time to experience games like Half-Life: Alyx or Superhot VR. And we’ve got the perfect way for you to start, with 2 HTC Vive Cosmos VR headsets to giveaway.

Valued at $1299, the HTC Vive Cosmos has all the power you need to get started on games like Beat SabreHalf-Life: Alyx, RecRoom, Skyrim VR, No Man’s SkySuperhotStar Wars: Squadrons and all the incredible VR games that are out now. Powering VR headsets is a cinch these days too, especially if you just upgraded your rig this year for games like Cyberpunk 2077.

So to help you discover a new world of VR gaming, HTC has kindly provided Kotaku Australia with two (2!) Vive Cosmos VR headsets. With a combined resolution of 2880 x 1700, 90Hz refresh rate, a 110 degree field of view and integrated headphones and microphones, you’re all set to sit down (or stand up!) and get completely immersed in a new world.

Which brings me neatly to the next thing: how exactly do you win one of these headsets?

It’s simple. Like our previous competitions, all you have to do to enter is follow the instructions via the widget below. You’ll have to follow our daily newsletter and Kotaku Australia Twitch channels, and after that point you’ll be asked one easy question:

What gaming world would you most want to explore or see in VR, and why?

Now, be creative as possible with your entry. It can be an existing VR game if you like. It can be a game that’s not currently in VR (say, Cyberpunk 2077). It can be a retro game redone in VR, or even a memory you had from an incredible in-game moment transposed into VR somehow.

Whatever you’d love to see in a VR environment, tell us! You have 250 words to play with, which should be plenty to get your vision across. We’ll be giving away two (2) headsets, and please note only Australian permanent residents are eligible. 

Now a few housekeeping rules. We’ll need your name and email address — we can’t contact the winners and arrange shipping details otherwise.

The winners will be announced next week on site and contacted via email. If we get a ton of entries, like we did last time, I’ll also have a separate post to highlight some of the entries. Kotaku Australia readers have a reputation for being incredibly creative and imaginative with competitions, and I trust you’ll do me proud time around too.


Win one of 2 HTC Cosmos VR Headsets Worth $1299 Each!

If you do miss out, just know that HTC are also running a Black Friday promotion this week on their Cosmos, Cosmos Elite and Cosmos Elite Headset packages. The Cosmos Elite is the one to get if you have the space, as it gives you the room-scale tracking with the base stations. But if you’re just sitting down at a PC — which is totally fine for games like Star Wars SquadronsElite Dangerous or Star Citizen — then the base Cosmos will totally do the job.

If you’re interested in the full terms and conditions, you can read those here. Good luck everyone, and get cracking!


  • I’d enter, but my entry would probably be…

    A world where the Vive Cosmos is actually anywhere near worth its purchase price.

    • Bought the 999 version. Tbh, that ones pretty damn sweet. No external cameras needed, just the unit, two hand controllers and that’s it. Cable for the headset is long AF and the head unit is pretty damn comfy. Don’t think I’d go the other version tbh, just due to the extra bits and pieces it needs to operate?

  • Honestly, I would love for one that lets you explore real life locations, places people may not be able to go to. Like, I know my Mother would love to walk around a virtual version of the Tower of London. Especially with Covid, these could be real helpful.

    I also can’t enter cause I don’t have a twitch account >_>

  • What happened to the last competition? The one about the first anime you watched and how it affected your life, or something. Never saw the results for that.

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