Nova Fan Shows How Great 3D Printers Are For Cosplays

The level of detail and amount of work that goes into cosplay is already staggering, but the effort this cosplayer put into making a Nova costume for Blizzcon is outstanding — and all the more so because she used a 3D printer for every bit of the job.

The creator responsible actually works at Aleph Objects, the creators of the LulzBot 3D printers, and she has an solid amount of experience in 3D printing, 3DSMax and Blender (the latter of which was used to design the parts).

In a response to questions on the original Reddit thread, the maker said it took around 300 hours to 3D print the armour, while the gun alone took 200.

The pieces were glued on with Barge cement or E6000, and she warns that both have "harmful fumes". "Barge takes a long time to dry but is really solid," she added.

The pieces were also coated with Rustoleum Filler Primer, while the gun was sanded and finished with wall spackle. The suit was commissioned from Gun Head Design, while some pieces of the armour were hydrodipped to get the impression of carbon fibre.

The final result is pretty astounding.

Thanks to Bindi Smalls for allowing us to repost the photos. You can follow her cosplay and other 3D printing efforts over at the Bindi Cosplay Facebook page.


    Step one of cosplay: be beautiful.

    jk, that is awesome, high skilled work

    Last edited 11/11/15 10:07 pm

    That's awesome! Such a lot of work and it paid off.

    Well done.

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