Congrats to Decoy who was totally first to guess that Dr. Neeson's ScribbleTaku was Balloon Fight. Nice job Decoy. Now please go back to saying everything is Biker Mice From Mars.

Today's drawing is from me. Take it easy. I've had a long weekend at PAX Australia!

A reminder: feel free to send in your own scribbles to me! We'll run them on the site so you can feel the same humiliation I feel when everyone guesses the game in 30 seconds!


    Today’s drawing is from me. Take it easy. I’ve had a long weekend at PAX Australia!

    Now's our chance everyone! Snow this thread in with games from the ZX Spectrum! :-P.

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      you know what... It kinda looks like something from the ZX Spectrum - The Hobbit.

    This one is so incredibly vague...

    So far all i can think is Worms or the mini map from fable

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      Oh my god. Having it as a map makes me think of Ultima. Looks almost like Brittania Bay, depending on which version.

    final fantasy 7
    image is a chocobo eating something

    The Dig! \o/

    Jeez. Looks almost like a crappy silhouette-based 2D platformer's scenery.

    World of Goo? Limbo?

    not sure but maybe mass effect, from the in game map ?

    I'm getting a Halloween vibe from this, so i'm going with Ghouls n Ghosts.

    Mr Stripey in "I Appear to Have a Functional Mouth, But One of My Legs is Much Larger Than the Other and I Keep Falling Over".

    On Commodore 64, I think.

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