Congrats to Gemini who managed to guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was Wing Commander 3.

I actually feel sorry for Decoy, who sent me three drawings of the game in anticipation of a tough slog. Sadly it wasn't to be!

Today's drawing comes from Brady Adams! Good luck everyone!


    Hey! That's my frigging house!

    Goldeneye, N64, Facility.

      How about Perfect Dark, Felicity?

        Haha, PD only had the first section didn't it? Just down to the tank rooms?

          Yeah, i vaguely remember the dead end after the tank rooms with the body armour in it now I think about it.

      Confirmed, forgot to add username to email -_-

        Nice job. I don't know why but those circles seemed to give it away somehow or other.

          Because we all remember silos in threes as Goldeneye hahaha (or at least I do!).

          Without something to nudge in the right direction, I expect it would be a lot more vague

          It was the conveyor belt that gave it away for me

      That’s what it is, but he’s missing two rooms at each end of the middle hallway (the hallway separating the big room with the three circles and the big room with the staircase on the left. There should be a room on the western end (assuming up is north) that’s just a hallway with a small enclave to the north, as well as a room at the eastern end that has a smaller room surrounded by window in the middle (with the body armour).

      At the norther-eastern end of that room there should be a door entering into the main area (that’s drawn), and at the south eastern end an entrance to another room (not drawn) that contains Dr Doak on harder difficulties.

      Dammit, I thought of that the moment I saw it. If only I got back from the shops sooner :P

    looks like it has been guessed but just in case Theme Hospital

    Looks like a COD4 map.....Vacant? If not, it's The Escapist's The Walking Dead

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