Oh man, you guys and girls didn't get it. WHAT A RUSH.

Here's your second clue!

And for reference here's yesterday's image...


    Another World/Out of This world.

    Edit: Didn't see it yesterday, wish I did, first image looks exactly like the beast that tries to kill you :O

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      dammit was just too late..,.

        And here is the first scribble screenshot

          ahhh of course, i think the shading lines threw me, i was looking at it like it was a background item, like a rock or tree maybe a worms map

      Aw, that's what I was gonna say

      ANOTHER W-- god dammit.

        *drops mic*

        *walks away*

        *gets pounced on by giant black catbeast*

          Hm, I wonder what came first; the cat beast or Monty Python's dreaded black beast of....

          *Realised the two are released by some fan theory.*


          Last edited 03/11/15 1:02 pm

      Gah. Beat me to it.

      BTW, it's called Another World. We do not speak of the butchered SNES version.

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        Was called Out of this World in America I believe?

        Another World sounds so much better though...

          It is actually due to copy right. I was just having a bit of light hearted fun.

          I've actually tried the SNES version though and besides edits to fit with Nintendo of America's censorship policies, the ran like sirupy in a deep freezer.

          So yeah, it was fun trying to run from that big bad puddy tat!

    That's the first thing that came to my mind too - Another World. There is a very nice remake of it.

    Biker Mice from Mars!

      Well, it explains why they were on fast bikes. To get away from that thing! :-P.

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