Congrats to Casual Prolix for guessing yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was Tomba! Well done. Thanks to Jengaship for sending it it!

Today's drawing comes from liondrive and I'll be amazed if anyone gets it.


Good luck.


    Looks like the view down the end of a shotgun

    Last edited 05/11/15 12:38 pm

    The barrels from the shotgun of the boxart of redneck rampage

    okay.... so I am definitely weird. Cause they look like testicles to me. It is honestly the first thing I thought of.

      It's what everyone thought. They just didn't say it :P

    Stealth Inc

    or maybe lococycle?

    idk colour me lost.

    Last edited 05/11/15 2:18 pm

    I wanna say Red Dead Redemption

    Incredible machine (or a derivative/sequel of/to it)

    Sprinkle (iOS)?

    I have seen this recently! I know it but I can't pick it.
    If it's what I'm thinking, it's some kind of wrench/tool and those holes should be more hex shaped than round.
    Just to put in a guess; Ratchet and Clank.

      I can see it now, spinning around, pretty sure from a loading screen of a game. Come On Memory!

    Noo I missed the Tombi / Tomba one :(
    Also hey @liondrive :D
    Indeed looks like red dead shotty.

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