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I can't believe it. Nobody picked up on Friday's scribble. IT SURVIVED THE WEEKEND. I am amazed.

Today is your final chance to have a shot, and there's a clue after the jump.

No cryptic hints or anything subversive in today's hints. I'll keep it nice and simple: you're looking for a racing game.

Good luck!


    I will kick myself when it is revealed but i have no idea what it is. Tokyo extreme racer?

    Slipstream 5000

      That's it! The logo is from the pilot selection screen of the twin sisters (for everyone else).

        What is up with their costumes? Was this game trying to aim at horny teenage school kids in some way?

          I'm going to say video games and the mid 90's happened.

    This is a total guess but 'wipeout'? I'm wondering if it's part of one of the team logos

    Episode one Racer?

    The countdown pre race..

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