Tell Us Dammit: How Many Hours Do You Have On Fallout 4 So Far?

Tell Us Dammit: How Many Hours Do You Have On Fallout 4 So Far?

If you want to enjoy Fallout 4 the way it was meant to be enjoyed, don’t get married or have children. That’s my advice.

I’m hearing about people at level 30 something, with 40 hours played. I’m sitting here at level 8. These tears won’t stop flowing.

The biggest time sink for me this year has been Metal Gear Solid V. That game is ridiculous. 30 hours in and I’m 18% complete. Now I’ve got a Fallout 4 to contend with. This is a problem.

But it’s a good problem. I’m really loving Fallout 4 so far, despite the terrible menu systems, despite the crafting which isn’t really well explained at all. I’m loving the universe and (surprisingly) the combat.

How many hours do you guys and girls have so far?


  • I’ve been so busy with work, I think I would be lucky to have 10 hours. I wish I could have more time to sink my teeth into it

  • 10 hours, level 11. Spending way too much time on the farming / settlement building stuff, but I’m having fun so I’ll keep doing it. Haven’t even gone to diamond city yet.

    Have to resist playing during the week or I won’t be functional at work due to lost sleep time. Play time is pretty much just a weekend thing.

    If you want to enjoy Fallout 4 the way it was meant to be enjoyed, don’t get married or have children. That’s my advice.
    For the record, yes, I’m married. But my lovely, understanding wife is also letting me play Fallout 4 on her PC after mine died.

  • The answer is “Not enough.” Between ‘that place I go during the day’ and my wife kindly arranging social functions every single effing night I’d say I’ve only played 25 hours.
    Another 4 hours sleep last night. I’m sure I’m not alone there.

    This Sunday though!

    • I literally had the sleep conversation with my wife at lunch time, I am running on about 5-6 hours every night this week and it finally kicked me in the arse at about 1pm….going to shoot for 7 hours tonight!

      • I said that yesterday!!
        Going home for an hour kip straight after work. Nope. Didn’t happen.
        Going to be in bed by 11pm for 7 hours kip. Nope.
        Woke up OK today surprisingly but yesterday was bad…….real bad. I have to get some sleep tonight though. Like you say, you just can’t go on like this! Damn great games!

  • I’m at about 30 hours but that includes two full-day sessions that I’d booked in with the missus the day the release date was announced.

    The problem is it normally takes about 15-20 hours to get sunk into a Bethesda title. Once you get a decent chunk of the story out of the way and a long list of side quests the game really takes hold and becomes even more addictive!

    I got a mild lecture last night about how “we’re in different time zones” so I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to consistently get 2 hours in after the other half goes to bed.

  • I’ve clocked in about 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds. That’s including installing and downloading.

    • I’ve clocked the same. I’m currently at level 0, but expect to not progress to level 1 by Christmas.

    • I bought a new rig (with a killer new card) a couple of weeks before it was released. spent about 30+ hours downloading the fucker (because 3rd world internet here), and so far I’ve played 66 minutes and don’t have much of an urge to go back just yet, largely because of how long it took to download, (plus a scene early on that hit a little too close to home).

      So you and I are pretty much at the same point, NK, but I’m about $2k in the red in comparison…

  • I am about 40hrs in so far, and I feel like I have barely scratched the surface. I am taking my time with it though, the way it’s meant to be played! i can see myself playing 150hrs +

  • I’ve just hit about 40 hours. Most of that is side quest stuff. The most recent main quest I’ve done is


    God I love this game.

  • I swear if you give it a chance, this game will consume you whole. I’ve got over 100 hours at level 48(I’m on vacation) and there’s still so much to do, so don’t worry about running out of things to do 😀

  • I’ve only played it during the weekend gap between work on Friday and UFC 193 so.. about 26 hours at level 23, IIRC.

    All I want to do is play it when I’m at work but when I get home all I want to do is sleep 🙁

  • Yep I’m only level 32 and have 39 hours under my belt but I’m finding myself wandering off away from the main quest to just take it all in and discover new bits and pieces…

    So to paraphrase that great tragic explorer R.F. Scott: I am just going into the wasteland again and may be some time.

  • 2days and about 10 hours…. level 34 and still havent found Nick Valentine….. He’s very elusive

    • With 10 hours at level 34 I would guess you have Idiot Savant?

      My first game I got up to around 60 hours and only just hit level 30, I started a new game as a Melee char with 1 int and Idiot Savant and i’m now level 30 again at about 12 hours.

      • 2 days 10 hours*

        I WISH I had idiot savant…. i didnt go through the perk list when i started, this is going to be my one and only character seeing as there is no level cap… yet.

        I’m so intrigued by the world, it’s crazy!

      • Spencer17 means 58 hours in total. 1 day is equivalent to 24 hours, 2 days x 24 hours + 10 additional hours = 58 hours in total.

  • Haha I know the feeling; I rarely game at home, unless it’s late and kids asleep, and wife passes out early after long day.

    Most of my gaming’s in my lunch break; have racked up 450+ hours of BF4 since its release, most of it during lunch breaks.

    Anyway I’ve got about 12 hours into F4 at the moment, been playing to/from work on the train too (Gigabyte gaming laptop), though it can make firefights difficult (VATS helps).

    • …I just don’t know how to respond to this…I have so many questions…how long is your…..nvm, I have much respect for you and your lunch times.

  • Not enough – but that will change this weekend. An hours mowing on Saturday and take the cat to the vet – after that the gloves are off.

  • 68 hours on record in Steam, level 26

    …Ok, in truth my actual play time is much lower than that. As a dad, I have a habit of leaving the game running and just jumping back on when I can. So running the game for 9 hours straight on a Saturday might equate to 4 hours of play time. If I wasn’t a dad though? That 68 hours would be higher, and all of it play time.

    • levek 12, 20 hours in… Though i reckon a fair chunk of that was eaten by the pause screen.

      Awesome game. Wish i was playing it right now.

  • Only 12 or so hours, level 8 I think. Was at the cricket last weekend, been busy all this week and away again this weekend so won’t move much further ahead than where I am now for a while. Christmas holidays is where I’ll really lay into it.

  • 8.5 hours since release and I’m level 12. So lame hahaha. You get caught up exploring SOOOO easily. only made it to Diamond city last night after finding all sorts of other things on the way. I’d normally smash it on the weekends but interstate travel has been the priority 🙂

  • Yeah I’ve logged probably close to 24 hours but I would put 4-6 of that idly sitting in the pip boy while I have dinner and get my boy ready for bed. I’m level 16 and have just been wandering around trying to find cool things. I’ve done a total of 3 quests so far and I haven’t got bored of exploring yet. Also have made it to diamond city but didn’t go inside. have not gone further south than that.

  • 5 hours. It’s okay. Just not feeling much motivation to play it. Probably the most overhyped game to come out in a while, but then again, it’s a Bethesda game so I’m not sure what I was expecting.

    Still legitimately confused as to how anyone thought Oblivion or Skyrim were good games. I liked Fallout 3 but it wasn’t amazing. Fallout 4 seems worse in a lot of ways, which is unfortunate. I don’t hate it though, and I’m sure I’ll end up playing more of it eventually.

  • Around 4-5 hours. And not knocking the game in anyway shape or form but now that I have Star Wars that will probably not change for a little while.

  • If you want to enjoy Fallout 4 the way it was meant to be enjoyed, don’t get married or have children. That’s my advice.
    This. I’ve managed a sum total of 2 hours. I don’t know what I was thinking buying this when I have a 2 and a half year old.

  • I made a character on launch day, then decided I needed to finish Witcher 3 before I start or poor Geralt will never finish his witcherin’.

    Finished last night, so it’s time to hit the wastelands.

  • 27 hours here and level 16. Been exploring the whole north west of the map but I may head to Diamond City and do the main quest.

  • Too many. Like so many others I think I’ve been struggling with Fallout-hangovers at work.
    When I last looked at the save file it was at 1d 20-something-h
    So yeah… too many.
    Or not enough, depends on your perspective.

  • Level 8, about 10 hours played. This game has me sooo hooked atm. I can’t think about anything else. Just need more time to actually play it!

  • 75 hours, at level 21. Barely touched the main quest line… About half my time has been spent in the settlement builder. And I have a wife, baby and two jobs. Haven’t slept more than five hours in a night since it released.

  • I had a week off from work when Fallout 4 launched so you’d expect me to have played the game to death (and that was the original plan), but constant crashing whilst playing has meant I’ve only logged 30 hours into the game.
    I wish I knew exactly what was causing the game to crash. sometimes the game will play fine for hours. Other times it’ll crash within 5 minutes of starting. Worst I had was only 1 minute after starting.

  • Well I have absolutely no life so its probably not a surprise that I’ve got 116 hours, most of it has been just wandering around looking at stuff and shooting people so I can get their stuff, oh and building stuff. There’s a LOT of stuff in the game…

  • Level 8… so lucky…

    I’ve got about 2hrs at level 3. Though to be fair I only picked it up last weekend.

  • Serrel’s Checklist for Fallout 4:

    Unmarried? Tick
    No kids? Tick

    I’m about 30 hours in, almost level 30 too. Totally agree with Mark on this, despite it’s flaws, man I love this game. Will see how long this lasts though. I had the faintest whiff of Sandbox fatigue last night – that feeling of looking at all the quests and locations, being completely free to do any of it, and not really feeling like doing any of it. But then I remembered I still wanted to know where all the quests were going, and dove right back in.

  • About one hour… I spent all of last night trying to find the time and then it was too late once the misses “needed to talk about wedding stuff”

    Blergh – Finding the money for it was only half the battle, now once the kids are in bed ive also got to find time to get away from the misses! Maybe finish it by 2017 😉

  • None hours…

    I’m clearly a terrible person. I did notice the JB assistant serving me at lunchtime wearing a Vault-Tec shirt and asked her if she was Fallouting. She lit up and gleefully told me how great it is…

    …so I suppose I’ll buy it for the Pile of Shame…

  • Uh I’m one of those people who always leaves a game on pause or idle and subsequently ends up inflating their hour count but mine is saying about 23 hrs since Friday, only level 14! I keep getting sidetracked with like… everything.
    It’s statements about kids killing your time like yours mark which inspires me to go nuts and rack up the hours while I can, as kids are planned in the next 2 yrs. Eek.

  • 101 hours and level 5. my issue with rpgs tends to be playing for 30 or so hours and wanting to try out a new character concept.. which generally happens 3 or 4 times before i settle into one i really like .

    not to mention the new settlement builder is stupid fun for me. i have used console commands with this latest character, nothing major just adding 50 new vault 111 suits so i can equip everyone with a suit so i can keep track of who is new and it annoys me that there is only a couple of suits in the vault when you can see lots of boxes

  • 18.1 hours, but i have other things i got to do so not enough time to play alot, did finish the game though, well one quest line

  • I guess I am around 30 hrs in, level 18. Would be more, but I have to share. Darn it. I’ve mostly been doing side quests and building my settlement. I did fail a quest yesterday (apparently that can happen!) by not rescuing someone on time, but otherwise the most recent quest I completed was:

    Last Voyage of the USS Constitution

    which was pretty entertaining/fun as well as rewarding (special weapons FTW). Just to need to find some more ammo for it now…

    • There’s a few quests that are time sensitive, but they don’t specify it. I read that if the quest says you need to be in “x” place by “x” time, it’s probably a time sensitive quest.

    • One guy in one area died at the hands of super mutants so I failed, I saved another guy elsewhere and succeeded, but it was just for a few caps.

  • about 27 hours, level 16, am yet to get to Diamond city, barely done many Minute man things, only just meet the Brotherhood. Barely touched the building stuff. Loving every minute of it.

  • Almost 13 hours in and sitting on level 11. Just wandering around and clearing off the quests as I go. I haven’t been at Diamond City for too long but I’m happy to have a steady ammo supplier for now.

  • I’m the proud father of 7 day old twins, I’m getting about an hour spare every day with which I either play FO4 or sleep…

  • 48 hours, level 30. Currently trying to make a third companion happy enough to give me their perk.
    I’m loving all the tie ins to Fallout 3.

  • 69 hours, level 27. And I work full time too, didn’t play until the 11th Nov. Yeah I have no social life hahaha.

  • Almost 30 hours in and level 19. And far more is spent crafting and looking after settlements than I expected. I thought I would ignore all that. But it’s hooked! Hooked me like a damn fool!

  • just nudging 20 hours, level 17 or 18. have been trying to complete the main quest, like i usually do with bethesda games, to avoid spoilers, but have really only managed a few story missions as the gun crafting and settlement building have grabbed my interest, have just added my 4th power armour chassis to my collection. have them lined up at sanctuary like sentinels, removed all power cores, dont want anyone pinching them.

  • My longest save is 2d 21h and 53 minutes on xbox one at level 35 and ive only just started the main storyline at diamond city. Too bad ive reached a game breaking bug with confidence man and can no longer die on my 4 most recent saves so the last 12 hours and 5 levels are wasted until the next update hopefully fixes this……….. Th QQ is real.

    • What’s the bug you’ve run into?

      I got stalled on one of the railroad quests which required that I find a corpse which had a note on it. Unfortunately, the corpse appeared to have spawned BELOW the floor of a building, inside geometry.

      After a while I just shelled the fuck out of the building with four artillery strikes until the corpse eventually got jostled out of the building. Maybe some sort of similar solution could work for you?

  • I’m at 85 hours and I haven’t played any quest line other than the minutemen, strictly exploring and building settlements.

  • Level 28. I’ve only done 4 main quests with 63hours logged. Loving the sh*t out of it except for the ‘can’t fast travel bug’ I ran into stopping me from the main quest line

  • I wish I knew. But my tendency to leave games running (rather than shutting machines down properly) means that system-logged hours never mean anything for me.

    (What I can say is that I’m level 45 and haven’t visited Diamond City.)

  • So I only received Fallout 4 seven days ago… and I’ve just reached level 30 with 40 hours into the game. I played my first quest mission at level 21 and I’ve already spent a good ten hours in construction! ? Who needs a main campaign these days? lol

    The addiction is real.

  • 90 Hours, Level 49. I just got into the institute. Siding with Brotherhood of Steel, but remaining a morally clean and good person. Now my quest log is dwindling, and I think I need to do some exploration….I need to find more random side quests that aren’t Railroad, Minutemen, or Brotherhood related.

  • Unless u note it yourself how do you actually know how many hours or how much you have completed (ps4)

  • Personally around 70 hours, @ level 38. My step dad though, hes in 90 hours, level 45, and hasnt gone to diamond city

  • IM ADDICTED. I have 342 hours since launch date and im at level 58, this game is amazing. proof is on my xbox game hub

  • Yeah, hi.

    I’m almost (almost) too embarrassed to say this, but I have now owned Fallout 4 for approximately a month, and I already have almost 300 hours on the clock. That’s ~12 days!!! I’m at level 72 and about halfway through the story, so give me another month and by then I should have completed the story.

    One of the things I absolutely love in FO4 is the melee combat. Some of you might know that in FO3/FO:NV the melee combat was really awkward, like basically you and your opponent bashed one another until either one died. With the new ability of being able to block your opponents melee hits in FO4, the melee has been risen to an all new level. I think it’s amazing. (Not that I didn’t enjoy beating the sh*t out of the members of Cesar’s Legion with a Super Sledge…)

    Anyway, MacCready FTW!

  • 157 Hours, level 51 and nowhere near done w the main storyline. So many settlements/mutfruits/companion romances, so little time.

  • I have 120+ hours and level 80 something haven’t been gaining experience lately just exploring and following ideas I get.

  • Hey Guys, I’m at 120 hours, know Level 67. With Add-On’s: Automatron and Wasteland Workshop. Next Time I want to play “Far Harbor” too. Love this Game 😀

  • After so many new characters, mods added and removed, currently at level 52 and with a whopping 1501 hours clocked in.

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