The Big Question: What Platform Are You Playing Fallout 4 On?

Okay, let's do a quick little survey, just for my own curiosity.

Are you playing Fallout 4 on PC, Xbox One, or PS4?

Me? Despite the frame-rate concerns and the whinging, I'm playing on PS4. A decision I swiftly regretted last night after discovering there was firmware update and a patch to download in swift succession. With my internet being terrible, and the PlayStation Network servers being mediocre at best, I had to wait a good long time to play last night. In the end I basically got through the tutorial section and had to call it a night.

But now that I've down the updates and all that nonsense, I'm looking forward to delving in properly tonight.

What platform are you guys playing on?


    Doing quite a bit of Remote Play on my Vita. Can't have the boy wandering in just as a head explodes into a bloody cloud.

      HAHAHAA - I might have to do this. The way I play games has had to change over the past two years and I find open world games quite good on the vita. Can't play FPS or racers on there really(cant enjoy them anyway) but Fallout would be a good choice!

      How is the control scheme for the vita? Is it just the default with the triggers mapped to the back touchscreen? I hope it's something like Destiny's vita control mapping which is amazing (doesn't use back touchscreen at all, and uses down dpad for L-stick click/sprint).

        No back at all. A lot mapped to dpad.

        Three on the front touch.

        One of the better setups.

        I actually don't mind the back touch at times, probably just got used to it. Sometimes everything on the front is too cluttered.

          Do you use a grip when playing at home?

            Nope, is there a grip for oled? I thought it was slim & dim only.

            Over time you just get used to it, or did, unlike a mouse & keys.

              There's a PDP Trigger grip for both the 1000 (OLED) and 2000 (LCD) model. I believe there's also a Nyko Power Grip for both version too.
              Both of them are hard to find for the 1000 series, most seem to be expensive imports from the US or Japan. Otherwise I'm pretty sure there are tons of Chinese knock off ones on eBay as well, just search 'Vita Grip 1000'.

              I use this from time to time:

              But you are right, you can get used to it. For me it's OK as long as I don't play for more than an hour or so at a time. After that my hands start getting a bit sore.

                Yeah? I don't get that at all, just frustrated when I keep missing the correct spot on the touchscreen

            Obviously can't speak for jimu, but I've been using the PDP Trigger Grip I got recently and find it fantastic, although I feel like it needs to be bigger still.
            But what I've found immensely better for my Vita was some thumbstick caps to make them bigger and more accurate. The ones I got are Xbox One replica's. Only problem is since they are a bit bigger, you have to reach over the thumbstick a little to get to the face buttons/dpad; it's easy to accidentally push the stick forward a little when trying to press these buttons.

        Alien Isolation uses back touch & I seem to play better on Remote Play, strangest thing.

    PC. No real issues so far (about 3 hours in) I get a very slight shuddering if I slowly strafe, apart from that everything has been fine.

      My mate got 40 minutes into the PC version, then the game hit a glitch and he fell to his death.

      Good times

      Try play on borderless windowed mode. That solved my little stutter when I strafe.

        yeah I found this last night so I was able to use a terminal and walk away from it.

    I am playing on PC but only just (AMD 955 + HD6850 with 4Gb Ram)

    Master Race reporting in :P With an Nvidia card to boot (even if it's 4 years old). I'm sure I'll get a game glitch sometime soon...

    Getting it on the PS4, stupid trip to USA on Friday has put a hole in my fallout 4 plans :(

    PS4 user here. I grabbed the system update over the weekend, and the patch only took about 20 minutes.

    The install of the game files (I think that's what it was doing) took longer. But at least I got to watch all the SPECIAL videos again.

    So far, I'm having a strange experience. Because it's a new game, the novelty factor certainly has me in deep with cravings to play. But I'm hesitant to get too invested as it's a Bethesda game, which I always come away with only half satisfied.

    So basically, I'm desperately craving to play a game that I feel will leave me feeling empty and ill served.... first world problems.

    It probably also doesn't help that my work is currently boring as bat sh*t.

      The game files install time allowed me to actually eat dinner before I played which was nice. I think if I'd been able to put it straight in and launch into the game I would have gotten to bed time and wondered why I was ravenously hungry.

    Atari Lynx.

      Just updated my lynx with a modern LCD screen, my god it looks great now. Might have trouble with the 376541 cartridges cabled together required to run Fallout4 though.

        Nice, I never even considered the idea of such a thing. Wonder if I could do the same for a TurboExpress...

        Is there much on the Lynx that's actually good anyway? Only thing I remember playing on it was Paperboy.

          I think that's what killed it. Nothing in the game library to write home about and while in colour, the device was power hungry and the viewing angle of the LCD was annoying.

          Mostly because as the battery level went down, it affected the brightness thus and in turn the viewing angle.

          So it's no surprise that the less powerful Nintendo Gameboy beat the pants off the Lynx and Lynx II.

          Joust was good, and Stun Runner.

          There were other games that looked like they MIGHT be good, but I couldn't find anywhere that sold them. One day I might try to source some via Ebay.

      Hah! I beat you.

      I had a custom de-make created for my Atari 2600.


        Oh yeah well I made one out of Pong cabinets :P

          Oh yeah?

          I paid some PhD candidates at MIT to build a version for me using an oscilloscope and other 1950s equipment!

          I get my enjoyment and they get awarded their PhD qualification on "Platform Agnostic Interactive Stimuli"

          Last edited 11/11/15 5:51 pm

            That's high tech - I play it using a chess set. The black pawns are bandits, white pawns are NPCs, and if you see a rook you'd better run - it's a deathclaw. Figuring out VATS with a pen and paper is a pain, though.

              It's tempting to keep going Monty Python style but my creativity doesn't stretch that far!

              Thanks for the laughs, @mrtaco and @gregorvorbarra.

              Last edited 11/11/15 7:42 pm

    Will be installing and updating this arvo on PC, hopefully done by the end of work. Then off to play soccer and finally about 9pm I'll sink some hours into it. Work tomorrow can get screwed.

    PS4. This was the real test for me: first big, multi-plat game I was excited for and decided not to get on PC. No regrets so far.

    I'll vote PS4 because that's what I will be playing it on once I get around to buying it.

    Xbone, but I'm noticing some pretty bad frame rate dips when just walking around. No actual glitches yet though

      Mine been pretty smooth so far, Worst glitch was the dog disappearing into the ground and popping up on the other side of me...

    XB1. But then I've heard of some of the game breaking bugs and gone back to working through the AC:Anthology. Game should be fixed by the time I get upto Unity!

    Unfortunately PS4, would love to play on PC, but I haven't gotten around to building a gaming rig yet.

    Well it will be PC when I finally download the additional 20gb...250kbps download speed is not helping.

      Yes, that 20gb download is quite annoying! Can't they ship a blu-ray PC version? It wasn't even a dual layer DVD!

    Sounds like a similar situation as you Mark where I went out for dinner whilst the PS4 updated (btw thanks wife for always arranging these things on crucial days like Destiny reset day or Fallout launch day), came home after the update and could really only get out of the vault for a quick explore. I kept looking at my watch, trying to figure out the lowest number of hours sleep I could get and still physically make it in to work without resembling a Walking Dead extra.

      This. Every night, this. All of it.

    Started on PS4 last night. Slapped the disc in as soon as I got home to patch and install so it would be ready to play once I'd finished the nightly routine. Played for about 4 hours and barely scratched the surface. I can see this game is going to be trouble. All the loot is useful damn it. Even coffee cups. I can build my own shanty town. I know some ppl hate this sort of thing but my missing son can wait while I find some copper and figure out how to get this power grid working for my newly crafted disco ball. You can mod all the weapons and upgrade individual pieces of armour like left leg, right arm etc. I'm worried I'm going to be buried in the micro details. If you are the sort of gamer that revels in the little details and has to loot everything you will need to exercise some self restraint. I had to walk around in my power armour because I was overburdened after one of the first missions.

      haha that was my impression too - normally you have all that junk you can just ignore. No more. Collect anything and everything. Poor dogmeat is gonna be lugging all sorts of crap around.

    PS4 and PC, but I won't be using my PC copy for some time, so just PS4 for now.
    I got the firmware update on Friday I think, as it was preventing me from playing Black Ops 3. When I got home yesterday I had ~600mb patch for Fallout 4 itself, which took 45mins on my mediocre internet, and I was in.
    So far no major issues; have seen a gas bottle fall half way through the ground and is now bobbing around like it's floating in water, but that's all I've seen. Albeit I spent 75% of my time last night in character creation alone, so really that's just saying no glitches in character creation or the initial tutorial sequence :P

    Playing on PC....i5 3570K OC'ed to 4.0ghz and an MSI GTX 970. Running smooth (locked at 60fps). Had 3 glitches in 3 hours. One was in the middle of a gunfight with raiders, my gun disappeared from screen but i could still shoot, just couldn't see the gun. Had to save and reload. The others were my dog jamming me against a wall behind a counter and couldn't get out...also subtitles freezing in position and not changing with dialogue. Pretty minor. Very happy.

    PS4. No issues. Smooth frame rate. No glitches. Just a hella long install and a 500mb patch.

    Got through the tutorial and wandered around Sanctuary for a bit before deciding it was time to pass out. I regret nothing.

    PS4, can't see a survey if there is one.
    I have an X99 PC with TitanX card in it, and was getting framerate problems and glitching, so I requested a refund and got it for the PS4. Working problem free so far. My first time in a Fallout game, and I really like it.

    Last edited 11/11/15 12:46 pm

    grabbed it on xbox one feeling that my pc wasnt really up to it. planning to pick it up for pc in the future.

    PS4. Resisting... urge... to buy... immediately!

      Give in... GIVE IN!! Don't you deserve to spoil yourself? You need to play it now before the Bloodborne DLC drops.

      Last edited 11/11/15 1:54 pm

        I know! And also haven't played The Witcher 3 DLC yet... yet I'm going through Mass Effect again...SMH

          I'm hoping they do a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster with all the DLC on PS4 before I play through them again. Never got to carry my save across as I played Mass Effect on 360, 2 on PC and 3 on Wii U. Couldn't remember what I had done when those questionnaires came up at the start of the sequels.

            I was hoping for a remaster. It still might happen, but we are looking at Q4 2016 for Andromeda if I recall correctly, so the window to release a remaster is rapidly shrinking.

            I was hoping for an AC:Rogue remaster as well. Sadly looks like a non-starter.

    None - PC once I feel the game has "matured" enough.

    My experience so far:
    - Got the game at Midnight on Monday night (PC Edition)
    - got home and started the install, knowing it had to download the majority of it
    - Steam told me 18 hours to download (I live in the country so internet is woeful at best)
    - Got up the next moring and 23 hrs to go lol
    - Got home yesterday afternoon and still 6 hrs to go
    - checked back about an hour later and 1 hour to go...getting excited at this point
    - about 30 minutes later my internet dropped out...countless modem restarts did nothing to fix the issue
    - went to bed with a bad attitude
    - woke up this morning and its done, however I have so much to do after work tonight I reckon I can probably fit about an hour in if all goes well

    Hmm good start so far lol

      "....I live in AUSTRALIA so internet is woeful at best..."

      Fixed that for ya.

        I grew up in the country (my parents are still there) and general Australian Internet is a God send in comparison (I realise it's still not good on a global scale, but if you've lived country Internet for a decade you come to appreciate the little things, like being able to stream 360p YouTube in real time).

    PS4. Haven't noticed any framerate issues, but then I spent 4 hours mostly dicking around with the character creator and in the first town where you used to live, so...

      Glad I'm not the only one who spent "Seriously, FFS that's enough!" time on the character creator section.
      Lipstick and eye liner is time consuming. Ladies, I apologise for everything I've said as a naive young man. :)

        I eventually got overwhelmed, decided to go with one of the presets slightly modified, and then when I got to the bit where you get one last chance to tinker before you leave the vault and... probably then spent another half an hour in the character creator.

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