The Story Of NieR:Automata Tells Of A Dark Future

The Story of NieR:Automata Tells of a Dark Future (Update)

Introduced at this year's E3, Square Enix's new NieR game, developed by Platinum Games, now has an official name and new information on one of its main characters.

The Story of NieR:Automata Tells of a Dark Future (Update)

Officially titled NieR: Automata — because, sure — the action RPG takes place in a future where mankind has been driven from the planet by alien invaders and their mechanical creations. This week's Weekly Famitsu introduced the game's plot as follows:















A rough translation to English reads:

A distant future.

A sudden invasion by aliens.

And their weapons, "mechanical organisms."

Against their overwhelming power,

humanity was driven from the Earth and fled to the moon.

In order to take back the Earth,

humanity created a resistance army of android soldiers.

And in order to end the military stalemate,

a new android

the battle infantry, the "YoRHa" unit, was sent into the field.

In an uninhabited world,

a fierce battle between machine weapons and androids,


opens a door of unknown truth...

Translation by Toshi Nakamura

Aside from the base story, details on one of the titular android warriors, the YoRHa 2 Model: B, designed by former Square Enix designer Akihiko Yoshida, have been released.

The Story of NieR:Automata Tells of a Dark Future (Update)

Called "2B" for short, the android is an all-purpose combat model android who uses swords for close-range battles and a support system pod for long-ranged attacks. (She is also a hermaphrodite).

While she was unmasked in the initial trailer, her profile description states that, "Because she wears battle goggles, she rarely shows her eyes." Also that, "androids are forbidden to have emotions, but each model has its own distinct personality. 2B is a rather cool and quiet model." Images in the magazine show her with a black cloth wrapped around her eyes like a makeshift blindfold.

Here is some gameplay footage that was taken at Paris Games Week... Platinum sure knows how to do their action. (Hat tip to fbh for the cleaner version video)

NieR: Automata is scheduled for release on the PS4. No word on an official release date yet.


    Does the new one have a talking book and a lady with a secret? That's all I need to know.

    The first Nier was the best "bad" game of the last generation in my opinion.

      "The first Nier was the best "bad" game of the last generation in my opinion."

      I agree, minus the "bad".

        Loved the OST, but the fetch quests were unbearable. :(

    Can you please change the word 'hermaphrodite' to a somewhat more sensitive and less demeaning term. Even in translation between cultures, it would hardly be the best term to use and it shows an ignorance towards LGBTIQ individuals.

      I'm sorry what? Hermaphrodite is literally the scientific term for one who possesses reproductive organs of both sexes, which is what this character has. What other term are we suppose to use? How is it demeaning? Am I being trolled here?

      Last edited 01/11/15 6:56 pm

        I'm pretty sure hermaphrodite is the wrong term here - so far as I can tell, the character doesn't actually have both sets of genitalia, but has traits of both genders in a form I'd guess is "genderqueer". I'm not sure if the post is intentionally insensitive, but you don't get to decide if someone else is offended or not.

          It depends on a lot of things. An android is a synthetic human so if the creators designed them with reproduction or pleasure in mind then it is entirely possible that hermaphrodite is an applicable term from a purely scientific standpoint. If it is a case of merely not having a defined sex then Non-binary (or androgyne) would be the better term since "genderqueer" is a more specific gender definition.

          So I did some research on this game just because of this weirdness and the hermaphrodite reference is actually for the bloody original game (linked article is 2009, which I didn't check originally). The character we're all fussing over? Is an android so yeah, let's all go home and eat ice cream.

        Yeah I am lost too. Hermaphrodite is a proper term. Transgender people don't 'become' hermaphrodites...

        The word has long since stopped being used. It is a horrible word that stigmatizes and associates to negative historic use. Intersex is very much the scientific term and has been used for quite some time in the scientific community and is not considered derogatory. The word is used to sensationalize which, if that was the intention of putting it in this article, then I have equally taken the bait from the author.
        I am simply saying it is NOW a very much unused word.

          It's as if you've leaped from the pages of Alan Sokals' book 'Fashionable Nonsense'.

    Did anyone actually read the part where it states they are an android?

    Last edited 01/11/15 7:43 pm

      I don't think it matters if they did. People are idiots who think they can make something into something it is not due to the self serving logic of having the 'right to be offended'.

    How are Platinum still a smallish developer? How are they not some massive powerhouse? Everything they touch turns to amazing, actiony gold.

    They even saved Metal Gear Rising from being terrible. Platinum owns.

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