These Are The Star Wars: Battlefront Servers You're Looking For

PC users in Australia got their hands on Star Wars: Battlefront with no restrictions first early yesterday. But have DICE finally got the servers right at launch this time?

Fortunately, much like the beta, it seems like the servers are holding up well so far. It can be difficult to find games outside of the main modes — Blast (Team Deathmatch) and Walker Assault were the most reliable, although I was able to get a game of Fighter Squadron as well — but I haven't been able to notice the presence of lag, rubber-banding or anything else on PC so far.

But actions are better than words. Below you'll find a video with footage so you can see for yourself. You'll also be able to see how gorgeous Endor's forests are; DICE have really outdone themselves with Frostbite this time.

What do you think of Star Wars: Battlefront so far — will you be picking it up this week, and on what platform?


    I'm trying so hard not to purchase this, I really don't play online, and am all about single player or co-op campaign.
    But it looks so good, and is only $63.

    Must resist....

      There's really not enough single player or co-op content if you want to skip the MP. This is really an MP-first game.

    I die a lot, but I die with a smile on my face because this game is so cool :P

    If it's as solid as the Beta, then i'm super keen to buy it in the future =)

    Definitely on my short list of new release games i'm actually going to buy (and play) in the next year or so!

    I've played about 7hrs so far.. and i've played on Australian servers for about 3-5 matches. I purchased through origin and just refunded it. I don't want a game where if there isn't enough Australian;s playing it dumps me into a US server without letting me know first.

    Even when it launches for everyone else tomorrow what if I want to play during the day? I'll bet its going to be a US server.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, There's no server indication, no ping, there's a console command to bring up a ping but it takes up a decent amount of display. Also no way of setting a region or server restrictions/preferences.. sigh

      i don't see why you have refunded it so early, official launch is not till tomorrow.

      The ping indication is handy, but i feel you may of jumped the gun a little. Updates can still be added later on.

        I'm not saying I'll never buy again. I'm open to it. At this stage however, I'm not comfortable with $89 from Origin. I work with shifts, so my days off can be weekdays and I can not afford for a game to matchmake me with us servers during the day.

        My question is when the 'new game players' leave will there be enough to fill Australian servers and not bunch us all with US servers? That is why I've refunded at this stage to see how this game plays out after launch.

    You refunded the game because you're complaining there aren't enough Australians playing even though the game only came out yesterday? Wtf? Have you considered that not everyone who intends to buy games don't always get them on the day of release or even their launch week?

    Last edited 18/11/15 10:32 pm

      As I've said above; I work with shifts, so my days off can be weekdays and I can not afford for a game to matchmake me with us servers during the day.

      My issue is with them taking away the choice to play with Australians or not. I have to wait until I'm in a game, use a console command, to even see if I'm on Aussie servers. It's a pain and detracts from the games enjoyment. Which on Aussie servers is quite fun!

    Haven't had a match yet with these 'Australian' servers. I'm stuck playing with people with Japanese and Chinese names and a ping so bad I can score melee kill AFTER I died.

    GG EA.

      Agreed. Spent a good day getting my PC running nicely to play this and now I can't join anything under 280ms been trying for over an hour!!

      Get your crap together EA / Dice or I am taking this game back for a refund!!

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