Can't Get A Star Wars: Battlefront Game on PC? DICE Is Fixing That

If you're one of those PC gamers who weren't fortunate enough to have a friend on your Origin list that you could use as a springboard for getting into a Star Wars: Battlefront game last night, and searching alone didn't help, DICE is coming to your aid.

In a post on Twitter, DICE's official Star Wars account has confirmed that the studio are adding more PC servers to their clusters around the world following the interest in the open beta. "We’re bringing more PC servers online and appreciate your patience," DICE posted.

It'll be nice when this sort of thing stops happening, and you'd think after DICE ran betas for Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 4, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, they would have gotten used to an excess of demand. That said, I can't fault them too much — the performance for me last night was pretty flawless (on PC, I stress). And while I had to wait about five minutes initially, once I got into a game I had no problems playing and hopping in and out of matches by myself for the entirety of the night.

For those fortunate enough to have spent most of the day playing: what do you think of the beta so far?


    Graphics and sound wise the game is amazing to behold. My inner kid was squeeing with delight every time I heard the TIE Fighters, got to pilot the vehicles, got to play as Luke or Darth, etc etc :)

    Had issues playing with friends on both Xbox and PC as it kept putting us in different matches or on opposing sides.

    After some time playing it became apparent that Walker Assault is horridly unbalanced. I've yet to be in a match where the Rebels have won on either PC or Xbox One. Have seen and managed to take down 1 of the Walkers on occasion, but that's a rare occurrence.

    The first two Uplinks are virtually inaccessible due to the sheer number of Imperial soldiers & vehicles swarming towards them. The placement of power-ups at the initial pair of Uplinks also doesn't aid the Rebels because most are out in the open - or require crossing open terrain to get to - and you get annihilated before even taking two steps.

    Also the opposing team shouldn't be allowed to go so deep into the map as they currently can. It would mean far less spawn camping and allow a team to mount a counter attack without being killed the second you respawn.

    As the Rebels you need to be very tactical, skillful, and work together as a team, which is virtually impossible to do when hardly anyone ever chats in game via mic. Plus you need to rely on random power up spawns like the orbital strike/rocket launcher in order to truly have a chance against the Walkers.

    As the Empire, it's just rushing and camping. No tactics or skill required.

    Still, it does only allow you to go to level 5. One wonders if higher levels would mean beefier weapons and more gadget unlocks to allow for stronger assaults.

    Also, it's almost mind boggling that LucasArts, who are usually so tight-fisted when it comes to the lore of the Star Wars universe, would allow their ironic characters Luke Skywalker & Darth Vader to be taken down by a mere pistol shot or rifle melee. Am impressed DICE managed to convince them to allow that!

    If they can fix the balance issues and the playing with friends issues, we're in for one heck of a treat next month!

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      From the twitch streams I've watched, I've seen about an equal number of Rebel and Empire wins on Walker assault (granted, I've only seen maybe 10 matches)... Maybe its a localised player base issue?? I think we should wait for global stats...No doubt DICE will make balancing adjustments before launch anyways.

        I've played a good dozen matches of Walker Assault on Hoth. I do agree that most of the time you find that the Empire win, however I been part of a losing empire team multiple times. It does seem like a lot of luck though. It really does depend on the pickups your team has when the AT-AT's are vulnerable.

        That being said, Sound design is excellent, playing as jedi/sith is good fun, if not a little difficult. I'd like to see about a 20% increase in the durability of heroes.

        AT-AT's I find quite tough to use effectively, whereas AT-ST's are fantastic, you can rack up a huge advantage if you grab one of those in the early game. I would like to see power-ups spawn a little more frequently for the rebels. Other than that I have no issues with the game.

    This is the most arcadey game I have played in a long time. I hope there is a bit more depth to it when it comes out.

    I had a myriad of problems on PC, mostly because my $700 rig is now apparently scrap metal in comparison to required specs. Looks like I'm a PS4 player now, in which I've played several hours already and almost every match I was top of the scoreboard, so no problem with me.

    Only serious downside I find is the uselessness of scoping in, because it doesn't increase your accuracy, it doesn't change anything besides making you and easier target because it slows your movement. Another thing is that you can't (or at least I can't find the option to) make yourself on Default third person. You have a wider field of view, of course you should play in third-person!

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    I had no problem finding a server last night (maybe i was lucky ,i don't know) and man this game is so awesome!

    I definitely agree that with walker assault it is heavily in the empire's favour, you do not want to be a rebel in that situation. Even if they reduced the number of hits the walker's needed to be destroyed it may improve chances, that and trying to sniper white storm troopers on snow was interesting hahaha

    Thankfully i have more self-control that my earlier years or i may have pre-ordered =P

    I will most likely buy it once it's been out for a few months on sale hopefully if there are any niggling issues they will be promptly fixed, it ran and looked great for me despite being slightly under minimum specs playing on my laptop.

    I like it better than I thought after being tarnished with Battlefield 4.
    Does feel completely different but I think in a good way.
    I actually think Walker Assault was meant to be played this way as clearly he empire won this battle but it's a lot more of a challenge for the Rebels to win. I've seen one side do it and I think it's more rewarding this way.

    Walker assault insanely unbalanced. If your not on the Empire's side, your gonna have a bad time.

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