Where To Find Fallout 4’s Best Power Armour 

Where To Find Fallout 4’s Best Power Armour 
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Missing Fallout 4’s most powerful armour is pretty easy, given that it’s inside of an unmarked building. Here’s how you can find it.

What you’re looking at above is the X-01 Power Armour. This puppy packs a ton of damage resistance, as you can see here. While you can find pieces of this armour out in a few different places out in the wild, there’s a guaranteed way to find a full suit.

To gain access to the full X-01 suit, you’ll need to head to a place called “Custom House Tower,” which is a bit east of Goodneighbor.

You’ll know you’re in front of it when you see this building:

Once there, head to the left. You’re looking for a green pastel building, which has a sign that reads “35 Court” outside. Here’s a quick video guide, which should help you spot it/that you can use to make sure you’re going the right way:

That 35 Court building is the unmarked building housing your Power Armour. It’s worth noting that the suit of armour waiting inside actually scales to your level, so you can’t just get the X-01 right away. You have to be in the upper 20’s, levels-wise, to get the X-01 to spawn inside. I went in at level 27, if that helps.

In any case, the road to 35 Court might throw a few raiders at you along the way, but it’s never a particularly difficult fight. Kill whatever enemies stand in your way, and head inside of the green building. There will probably be a few enemies inside of 35 Court itself too, as well as a few turrets, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Once you’ve swept the area, take the elevator on the first floor up.

On this new floor, head outside. Here is where things get tricky: an alarm will go off, and both an Assaultron and a Sentry Bot will come flying out. Prepare yourself for this, because it’s kind of a tough fight. I’d recommend coming decked in Power Armour to help, but you’re here to collect Power Armour, so swinging that might be a little difficult. Just bring enough Stimpaks and some Pulse grenades, and you should be fine.

Once you destroy both the robots, head into their holding chambers. You should find a button in each one. Press it, and the station at the center of the roof should open up. Inside is the X-01. Congrats! You now have the best armour in the game. A full suit of it, to boot.

It gets better, of course. You can mod every piece of the X-01 to be stronger, or to suit your particular playstyle. The entire suit starts out as a Mark I, but I altered it to have a higher mark/damage resistance, as well as bonuses for VATs. Despite hoarding a good number of resources, I could only mod part of the suit — so you’ll probably end up going on a scavenger hunt if you want the best version of the X-01. But, it will be worth it. It literally does not get better than this in Fallout 4, so.

And if you’re hurting on fusion cores to power the suit, make sure to check out our tips here. Have fun!


  • Nice. My wife has explored way more than me and has found the X-01 but couldn’t remember where. I have a few sets of power armor, but not the crazy Tony Stark level shit I’ve seen people posting on reddit, where they’ve custom-built massive hangers to house them all.

  • I find people in Power Armor regularly like Raiders and Gunner Commanders, when I kill them I can’t wear the armor. I have to pick it up and lug it back to Sanctuary Hills and drop all of my other stuff in a container.

    When I see other peoples games they have like 6 pieces of power armor, I only have two! 🙁

    • To steal the power armour worn by raiders, either destroy the fusion core on their backs with VATS or pickpocket it from them. It forces the raider out of the suit an you can nick it.
      Downside is, for some reason the suit stays in the “steal” state and some companions get stroppy. I put a new power core in one of the armors after using the above method, quick travelled back to Sanctuary and when I tried to recover the core it counted as theft and Valentine and Cosgrove disliked it.

      • You sent Valentine back to Sanctuary?

        I’m scared after his outburst in the Memory Den he’s going to kill everyone dear to me, including Cait 🙁

        • No I travel with him at the moment is all.
          On a side note, I have found the power armour staying in the steal state seems to be a bug, I have taken a few suits from NPC’s recently using the above method and had mixed results.

    • theres a few laying around in the wasteland, found one on top of a super mutant base and another in the back of a truck during one of the brotherhood of steel missions. ive found a couple on trains behind master lock terminals, but dont have the ability to open them. ive currently got 4, 3 are missing parts like helmets and arms and legs.

      • Yup, I bought a suit from Atom Cats garage, and also found a frame on top of a satellite dish (probably the Super Mutant base you were referring to) which I slapped a bunch of random raider pieces on. Surprisingly I’ve found a lot of torsos and helmets, but I’m lacking legs. Seems like those are the least common pieces when fighting raiders.

        • either i havnt really been paying attention, or i havnt found any individual parts. Did get a little further in the BOS quest line and picked up my first T60 suit. yeah thats the one i was referring to i like to keep everything as vague as possible to avoid spoiling anything regardless of significance.

      • Looks especially great with the jetpac mod. Just be careful jumping around towns with it though with pain train as onw wrong landing can piss off the whole place

        • I actually don’t use the power suit at all. I have a display of 10+ suits in my base. Trying to get full set of every type to make a museum.

          • Nice, I am currently maining a power hammer wielding power armour beast that nothing can stand against. Will be making a sniper stealth character next and putting limitations on what perks I get because my current build makes things pretty easy

  • I had an odd glitch with this particular set of armour… Until I directly interacted with the suit it looked like a full T-51 set, then the models switched out to the X-01 set in front of me as I accessed the inventory.

    Incredibly strange.

  • Im lvl 30 and i have done the good old youtube search for the xo1 and have been to sevral locations but have only found 51’s…. But i did find one down near the atom gang it it was the xo1 but when i put it on it turned into 51…. Grrr

    • please reply soon AND FALLOUT 4 ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

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