Bayonetta Is Coming To Super Smash Bros.

Bayonetta Is Coming To Super Smash Bros.

Surprise! The final Super Smash Bros. character is the witch Bayonetta. She can use all sorts of gun attacks as well as an ability called Witch Time that will slow down her opponents.

During today's announcement, Nintendo said that Bayonetta — star of the series named after her — was the number one choice on the Smash polls in Europe, and she ranked in the top five in the United States.


    I am struggling to process this as genuine.

      Why not? Bayonetta is nintendo's IP

        Actually I think it's Sega's IP. Nintendo were just the publishers for the sequel.

          Na bayonetta was abandoned. Nintendo bought it to make bayonetta 2 to get mainstream games on wii u.

            No. Just no. Nintendo did not 'buy' the IP.

              Well it seems like I made a mistake. It was only Bayonetta 2 that is owned by Nintendo. IP wise it belongs to Sega but Bayonetta 2 will not exist anywhere else without Nintendo's approval.


                It is not owned by them. They published it. That means they put up the money to have it made by another studio with the proviso that it would be exclusive to Nintendo machines.

                  Not really. As I mentioned, There will not be Bayonetta 2 if Nintendo did not partner with Platinum Games. It was not a dirty trick like Microsoft and Sony does to buy exclusives. The game was going to be shelved, Nintendo took it for Wii U.

                  Sega owns the IP, did nothing and just take a cut from the sales. Nintendo funded the development and Platinum Games developed it. What makes you think the one that funded the development doesn't own anything ;)

            If Nintendo bought it, then why does Sega's logo still appear in the game?

            Nobody wanted to publish it, the game was only "abandoned" in the sense that no other publishers would touch it til they stepped up to the plate.

      It's genuine. Here's the reveal trailer -

    2015 continues to be the year of dreams

    wait did they mention Amiibos for Cloud and Bayonetta??

    Last edited 16/12/15 9:59 am

      Yes, Amiibo's for Corrin, Bayonetta and Cloud in production.

        oh thank you sweet sweet person! that news makes me tingle with excitement!

          Sure :) I should probably create an account on here by now lol.

          They also mentioned Amiibo's for previous 3 DLC are on their way.

          Bayonetta and Corrin DLC to be released Feb 2016 (Corrin roughly 26th). Cloud available for download today. The article could've mentioned that I suppose :)

    UUURGGGHHH! i can easily think of 20 better original nintendo IP chatacters that everyone would want over bayonetta (but japan only listens to japan, and BOOBIES)

      Bayonetta — star of the series named after her — was the number one choice on the Smash polls in Europe

      Evidently not.

      Europe cares. Thank you Europe :D

      Yeah come on! List these 20 characters.

        I wanted Waluigi, but oh well, Bayonetta is fine too.

    Oh, this is going to be AWESOME!

    If people are unfamiliar with Bayonetta 2:

    Great just bought the game for my 10 year old son, why the hell add a mature sex appeal character to a kids targeted game, and of all the companies it was Nintendo?!?
    Oh well all the teenagers will be very happy but annoys me as there are plenty of sexed up fighting games out there and I though Smash was at least a safe zone from that. :(

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