Counter-Strike Leagues Are Now Banning The New Revolver From Public Play

Counter-Strike Leagues Are Now Banning The New Revolver From Public Play

Affectionately dubbed the ReVolvo, Valve’s introduction of the R8 Revolver has left the majority of the community decidedly unimpressed. So leagues and tournaments around the world are taking action of their own.

The revolver, which users can equip at the expense of the desert eagle, has proved so overpowered that players are comfortably dominating matches by purchasing nothing bar the R8 from the second round onwards. Players have already made their feelings comprehensively known on social media, but tournaments and organisations were still working out what they could do.

As it turns out, the best option is to ignore the gun altogether. ESL and ESEA already announced earlier this week that the finals for the second season of their CS:GO Pro League wouldn’t be using the patch, and staff for the latter, one of the largest services around the world for pick-up games, online and offline tournaments around the world, this morning confirmed that they wouldn’t be allowing it in matches for the general public either.

What’s fascinating about watching this all play out is how it does so against the backdrop of CS:GO’s ever expanding professional scene. In the last 24 hours, Valve also announced a series of regional minor tournaments for 2016. Much like the framework used for Dota 2, the minors are designed to promote competition throughout the year.

First cab off the rank is an event at the Taipei Game Show next month, reports, which will act as an 8 team invitational for teams from South East Asia and Australia. Kotaku Australia understands that the American organisation Renegades, whose CS:GO team is entirely made up of Australians, will be in attendance.

The tournament will have a US$50,000 prize pool, which dovetails nicely against the US$250,000 announced for ESL One Cologne next year. That hasn’t been announced as a Valve-sponsored event either, and spectators shouldn’t discount the amount of money players and organisations can make outside of prizes courtesy of sticker and skin sales.

And this is all happening while the developers are patching in guns that are making almost every other rifle in the game utterly pointless.

Remarkable, really.


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