Disney Releases The Coolest Star Wars Infinity Figures In The Most Annoying Way Possible

Disney Releases The Coolest Star Wars Infinity Figures In The Most Annoying Way Possible

Disney harnessed the light side of the Force to create six variant Disney Infinity Star Wars figures with lightsabers that actually light up. Then they tapped into the dark side to make each of the six exclusive to a different US retailer.

Using the same sort of portal-based wizardry that makes Light Core Skylanders figures flare up, each of the six “Light FX” Star Wars toys — Obi-Wan, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Anna Paquin Skywalker and Kanan Jarrus from Rebels — power on their traditional Jedi weapons when placed on an active base.

This is something they probably should have done from the beginning, but then they’d only be selling one of each instead of two, and that doesn’t make mildly evil business sense at all.

The Light FX figures use the same sculpts as the stupid non-glowing ones I’ll probably just throw away now, with a slightly bulkier base to house whatever it is that makes it all happen. The saber bases are also bulkier, as they’re now two parts instead of one solid piece.

As you can see here, Disney sent along three of the six new figures for me to check out. If you cheat and place one of them on the spot reserved for adventure pieces you can get all three glowing at the same time.

Having three already means I only have to shop at three stores to get the remainder. Here’s the breakdown of the ridiculous exclusivity:

Several of them are currently listing as preorders, with prices ranging from $US14.96 ($21) (because Walmart thinks it is clever) to $US15.99 ($22) (because Toys’R’Us needs the extra money).

The figures are pretty darn nifty, though I wish there was a way to make them light up without having the game running. That, and a few less hoops to jump through to collect them all.


  • For anyone actually interested in them here, we don’t get them until the 17th. Big W gets the Skywalkers and Target gets the other 3 apparently.

    Still nfi what the price of them is here… I’ve held off on getting Yoda and Vader (and Kanan too but that’s more because I still haven’t watched Rebels..) for these so hoping it’s not too high or I’m not bothering :/

  • Eh, seeing as I already own the basic figures and that they end up standing in front of the corner of my TV I think I will pass on the glowy ones.
    Having a few inches of figure is OK, but give it a glowing wand and I may just get distracted like a cat.

  • I’m still undecided if I’ll get these or not. I already of most of the ones they’re re-releasing like this. Really they should of done a different pose for these.

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