Fanmade Halo 5 Map Pays Homage To Metroid Prime

Fanmade Halo 5 Map Pays Homage To Metroid Prime

Video: It’s anybody’s guess as to when Nintendo’s going to roll out a new Metroid game that stars Samus Aran. So, one enterprising player used Microsoft’s first-person shooter to craft a tribute to the House of Mario’s iconic space bounty hunter.

On his YouTube channel, 0mni42 shows off a Forge Map he calls Primus, complete with platforming elements that are a staple in the Metroid Prime games. The clips from the Metroid Prime soundtrack make the homage even more impressive. It’s a shame there’s no way to change into anything like a morphball in Halo games…


  • This guy really captured the whole underground part rather well. As soon as he hit the snow, it was a completely different feeling. Gotta say, that was pretty awesome to see. I’m still excited to see what people will make with Forge.

  • wow that really looked great especially with the music playing at the same time. I have really fond memories of metroid prime and really wish they had released a new one on wii u by now.

  • Remaking a classic in a new inferior modern title. That would be as crazy as taking a classic Star Wars movie and remaking it as an inferior modern title…

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