Fanmade Halo 5 Map Pays Homage To Metroid Prime

Fanmade Halo 5 Map Pays Homage To Metroid Prime

Video: It's anybody's guess as to when Nintendo's going to roll out a new Metroid game that stars Samus Aran. So, one enterprising player used Microsoft's first-person shooter to craft a tribute to the House of Mario's iconic space bounty hunter.

On his YouTube channel, 0mni42 shows off a Forge Map he calls Primus, complete with platforming elements that are a staple in the Metroid Prime games. The clips from the Metroid Prime soundtrack make the homage even more impressive. It's a shame there's no way to change into anything like a morphball in Halo games...


    This guy really captured the whole underground part rather well. As soon as he hit the snow, it was a completely different feeling. Gotta say, that was pretty awesome to see. I'm still excited to see what people will make with Forge.

    wow that really looked great especially with the music playing at the same time. I have really fond memories of metroid prime and really wish they had released a new one on wii u by now.

    Remaking a classic in a new inferior modern title. That would be as crazy as taking a classic Star Wars movie and remaking it as an inferior modern title...

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