Here’s The New Trailer For Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Here’s The New Trailer For Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

After teasing DC fans with a succession of teasers, Warner Bros. has finally unleashed the full trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warning: contains nerdy smack talk.

What did you guys think of this trailer? Was the Wonder Woman reveal everything you hoped it would be, or did it fall completely flat? Share your opinions in the comments!


  • Loved it, right until the horrendously rendered Doomsday. I’m ok with changing Doomsdays origin, I think that works for this canon, but damn, that just looks…. Incredible Hulks Abomination level cheap…

    • It’s crazy how good the first trailer was. The sneak peak bit last week made it twice as awesome. Then we get this hot mess:

      1. Spoiler galore – such a waste to do this
      2. Lex is a total fool
      3. Doomsday with CGI from the late 80’s

      WTF ?

      • I don’t think Lex is a fool at all, you’ve got a character presenting one image to the world, while his real self is hidden. He’s wearing a wig for one, he’s actually bald in the movie. Add to that he’s being played by Jesse Eisenberg, who can turn on a dime and give brilliant performances. He’s more than likely going to be the standout of the movie.

        Oh and he’s got powerarmour apparently O_O

    • Oh Im a mega DC fan. Cannot wait for this. I think Jesse has nailed Luthors madness and I have a feeling hes playing Lex jr too (the originals clone). What I cant wait to see is Doomsdays spikes growing all over him during the fight. Add to that hes a villain they can kill here and possibly bring back in JLA.

      • I agree, it ticks so many boxes. Just hope there’s plenty of movie beyond what they’ve whacked in the trailer. Doomsday does look a bit “I Am Legend bad CG”.

        • Yeah, we’re yet to see Cyborg and Flash in it (they’re in there as cameos, Ezra Miller (Flash) and Ray Fisher (cyborg)) and apparently Jason Momoa is in the credits as Aquaman?

          • Well he did a poster already (but I think that was more for the upcoming JL film). Other two I haven’t even seen yet. Half excited, half worried about the new Flash. My favourite comic character (other than maybe Tim Drake) and I’m really enjoying Grant Gustin’s TV version so far but interested to see how Ezra Miller goes with it.

          • Yeah, apparently they’re going to make sure not to copy Grants Barry Allen. The way they described it was a more ‘Injustice’ looking suit, where it’s actual tech-bodyarmour look to it. I’m eager as hell to see it.

            But, I really thought Ezra woulda made a better Green Arrow after seeing “We Need To Talk About Kevin”…. heyoooooo!!!! 😀

  • What did they do to Doomsday? Doomsday killed Superman so I wonder if something like this will happen to Superman or would Superman been beaten to an inch of his life?

    • Hopefully they keep the ability for him to die and come back, stronger than before, immune to the previous way he died. That way at least they could bring him back for a round 2 and slaughter big ole S.

      • I don’t think Doomsday ever had heat vision did he? Doomsday was more brute strength, in your face and etc. This one in the movie doesn’t look like a brute, looks smarter maybe

        • He had evolving powers in the comics, I THINK he’s had a number of silly powers but they were quickly redacted. He even got taken over by Luthor at one point *smh*.

          But basically he’s always been a brawler, he had projectile claws in the sequel comic, but that was about it.

  • Well this sucked sadly. While Im completely on board with Afleck and Cavill, Im now convinced Eisenberg is just wrong for Lex. While she looks fucking amazing I still havent seen enough of Gadot to form an opinion deeper than 10/10 would do nasty things.

    Then theres doomsday. They couldnt help but blow their load and use what is meant to be Supermans greatest enemy already.

    I was looking forward to this so much more prior to this trailer. Well at least we still have Civil War right? Right…??

    • Don’t forget Darkseid. They will probably use him in Justice League(the movie) . And why did they butcher Doomsday that way?! You have 100’s of Comic Books, ArtWork, Cartoons etc. as inspiration and they f#ing choose to use Abomination from Marvel … smh.

      • 99% sure Darkseid is going to be in Justice League. So we’ll have Darkseid, Apocalypse (Spelling?) and Thanos in movies all around the same time lol.

    • Then theres doomsday. They couldnt help but blow their load and use what is meant to be Supermans greatest enemy already.

      What do you mean “already”? This is the third movie in this Superman universe.

      • Thats right the third movie in what is supposed to be a universe spanning the size of what Marvel has already done is using the character that killed caped spandex jesus. I think saying already is justified.

        That is of course if this is indeed Doomsday…..???

        • Well it’s the third Superman movie in this universe, technically though this is the 7th movie in this universe as you need to count the Dark Knight trilogy that came before it. And that’s not counting their plans for movies for Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern reboot and Justice League itself. There’s plenty of other villians out there.

  • I’m a batman fan and don’t mind Supes but not too sure on this yet. Some moments look great and then others seem out of place. I guess I’m still living in the semi realistic movie batman world and all the crazy cg stuff isn’t sitting right with me yet. Still have high hopes the movie will make it work as I do like most of Snyders work and I’m happy with the casting. The highlight for me was Clark Kent meeting Bruce Wayne scene

  • I actually thought it looked surprisingly good until the Doomsday reveal and the Zack Snyder light show began.

    I’ll definitely go see it, but I think I’ll go in with deliberately low expectations. I am, however, interested to see what happens with the future Batman standalone films. I think Ben Affleck actually looks rather good in the role.

    • I think you just pretty much summed up how we all felt watching it.

      Most of it: Fark that looks GREAT.

      Doomsday reveal: Say whaaaaaaa?

      Wonderwoman reveal: Damn, Gal actually looks GOOD. (So glad I sat on the fence with that one.)

      • That pretty much nails it. Before that point, I was pretty excited, but the Doomsday scenes just remind me too much of Man of Steel.

        Good point on Gadot, at least that reveal actually looks pretty good!

        • Honestly, didn’t remind me of MOS at all. The whole thing had a much more of a comicbook tone than MOS was lacking, especially when all 3 are standing infront of what could have been a 90s FMV game backdrop.

          It reminded me of the Incredible Hulk, and that’s what we’re likely going to get, a similair situation, where 90% of it is great, and the back end 10% SUCKS.

          • I might have been a little unclear – not so much the entire trailer reminded me of MoS, but the Doomsday reveal and the laser light show after it reminded me of the MoS city battle scenes in particular. But that might just be Zack Snyder’s style in general.

            Otherwise agreed on the comic-y feel, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily.

          • Oh yeah for sure, agreed. I actually liked MoS, it had a lot of faults, but I hope this isn’t a retread. I really, really hope.

  • Batman v Superman might as well be WWE. Can’t make anyone look weak, everyone has to be equal between the trinity. Not looking forward to this at all.

    Only bright side for me is that Wonder Woman looks like the best thing in this film so far. Why isn’t she in her own movie? Oh right, Hollywood.

  • I dunno, looks pretty similar in the omgz-maximum-action bro-fest regard to Man Of Steel.

    Between Michael Bay, this, and the never ending Marvel movies that all seem to be the same paper thin characters doing the same stuff, I am officially over it.

  • What is wrong with Batmans head? Seriously, looks like a log now. And don’t get me started on his suit… Batman begins, dark knight rises suits were so much better. Power armor isn’t bad, but could have taken a note out of suit he wore when fighting the army of talons in court of owls arc.

  • Not expecting much from this, other than the Suicide Squad movie to make it look like a masterpiece in comparison.

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