Indivisible Reaches US$1.5 Million Goal With Days To Spare

Indivisible Reaches US$1.5 Million Goal With Days To Spare

The developers had to get their campaign extended despite being able to push their prototype onto Steam and the PSN stores. But now, with just over two days remaining, the creators of Skullgirls will be able to follow up their vision for Indivisible after the 2D action RPG surpassed its US$1.5 million target.

The last few days have been undeniably successful for Lab Zero Games; two days ago the campaign was under US$1.3 million in funding, and 8 days ago the campaign was only at US$1.1 million in funds. This comes after the campaign was granted an extension by Indiegogo about three weeks ago, without which Indivisible would have never reached its target.

The president of 505 Games, Ian Howe, wrote in an open letter that some of the publisher’s staff had become enrapt by the project and were “obsessed” with watching the crowdfunded 2D RPG’s campaign unfold. “Now that we’ve reached the goal, the hard work truly begins in making Indivisible become a reality and we will be working very closely with Lab Zero in the coming months to make sure that they have everything they need to truly deliver on the vision for the game,” Howe wrote.

Lab Zero has announced a few stretch goals for the next couple of days. The closest target is at US$1.65 million, which will allow the developers to have the soundtrack expanded by an hour. The second stretch goal, at US$1.9 million, will give Lab Zero the room to partner with “a mystery anime studio” and Titmouse to create a “high-octane opening animation” that will be storyboarded by Titmouse.

Those interested in seeing what the fuss is all about can download the prototype demo of Indivisible through Steam or the PSN store. You can also download a zip directly from the Indiegogo page, if you’d prefer to skip marketplaces altogether.

Lab Zero is hoping to launch Indivisible by January 2018. It’s a lengthy, but realistic, target for the five person studio. You can also watch a 100% completion and pacifist run of the prototype by one of the game’s designers below.


  • I’ve been watching the project daily and it was interesting seeing how it progressed. Up until yesterday the pace was lagging little by little each day and it looked like it wouldn’t make it. Then suddenly over $100K hit in about one day yesterday pushing it over. I guess people really like Shantae? (She was announced as a character a couple of days ago)

    Congrats to Lab Zero Games. It’ll be interesting to see if they hit any of the stretch goals with just over two days to go.

  • Didn’t think his was going to make it, but glad it did, backed it at around the 500k mark. The demo was fun, be interesting to see how they pull it all together and create something cool. Quite the line up of sweet characters too, a diverse bunch plus a heap of crossovers like Shovel Knight and Shantae. Looking forward to it!

  • Interesting having the prototype on PSN. Great art and animation. Would be interesting to see what the gameplay is like after some (or a lot of) polish, because the prototype isn’t sufficiently compelling.

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