Microsoft Is Working On Xbox One's Halo: Reach Problem

Briefly: Microsoft has told Kotaku they're aware of Halo: Reach's frame rate problems, and hoping to smooth them out. "We're aware some users are experiencing issues playing Halo: Reach via Xbox One Backward Compatibility," said a spokesperson. "The Xbox engineering team is currently looking into the issues and are working to address them."


    It's not just framerate. In some maps the floor and wall textures won't fully load, so I can see other players across the map. The sounds sometimes go out of sync with the action as well. I was excited to play again so I'm glad to hear MS is working on it.

    they should also work on porting more x360 games instead of the xbox live arcade shits.

      why port more games when the ones you did bring over don't work properly?

    what about Gears3 and the horrible input lag? it's pointless trying to compete against people on 360 right now.

    I guess it's not worth fixing because they got a bunch of good headlines at E3. lame

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