Halo Reach Silver Console Is Official

That limited edition Halo Reach console that leaked overnight has been confirmed by Microsoft.

The limited edition bundle comes with a silver Xbox 360 slim console, 250GB hard drive, two silver Halo Reach wireless controllers, a silver Halo Reach headset, and the standard edition of Halo Reach.

It'll retail for $AU549 RRP (and $NZ599) and launch on September 15, the day after Halo Reach launches.

Official Xbox blog InsiderX notes that: "The console makes a Halo-themed sound when you turn it on, and the shield power-up sound when you press the eject button."

Personally I'd prefer the confetti sound when you pop a grunt's head, but I'm just being picky.

Limited Edition Halo Reach Console Bundle Announced [InsiderX]


    that;s actually pretty damn sexy...

    Wait. So we're getting Reach on the 15th? I thought it was the 14th. Have we been pushed back a day? Main reason I ask is because the 14th is my birthday, and I'm eagerly awaiting it :)


        You sure?

          I'm sure it's been fixed, yes.

            Wait, whats been fixed?

            I though you were talking about the date of the consoles release.

    agreed, that looks pretty nice



    Any word on this?

      I just had a look at the link too. Red dead redemption says modified and so does the dlc as well! i didnt know they modified it?

      If this is true, I will be sorely disappointed, If it's modified like Left 4 Dead 2, there will be outrage!

    Decisions, decisions. I'm tempted to cancel my Reach preorder and just get this instead. Was planning on getting a 360 Slim near the end of the year anyways. But I still wants my Legendary edition.


    Sounds cool. But any more details about a kinetic bundle with the 250GB console? Cause i will get this if they dont have one coming out

    Meh, looks cheap. I'll wait for something better I think :)

    Hey David, Major Nelson updated his twitter with this piece of information; "BTW: The Halo: Reach console makes a Halo inspired sound when you turn it on, and another one (shield power up) when you eject the drive"

      I must've seen that the same time as you. I've updated the post.

        Btw any info on the 250GB kinetic bundle that you were talking to microsoft about?

    I’ve got a great idea. Everyone send me $50, I’ll buy this bundle. And you can all enjoy it vicariously through me.

    That doesn't look like a bad deal at all - two wireless controllers, the game, a silver console w/ 250gb HDD and a headset. Not for me though.

    VERY tempting! I'm still using an old 20gig launch xbox 360 (that somehow still works!) and have been meaning to upgrade. This could be it, since i'm not really interested in the collector's editions of Halo Reach. I hope my wallet can handle it!

    Hey thats actually a rly good deal, only problem (for me) is this darn HSC that prevents me from buying anything 100+ until November T.T.

    Hope its still in stock by then >.>

    Bah would you still get the release day hat? :/

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