Star Citizen Will Get TrackIR Support, Although Nobody’s Working On It Yet

Star Citizen Will Get TrackIR Support, Although Nobody’s Working On It Yet

One of the coolest things I saw during the Elite: Dangerous was the way people were taking advantage of TrackIR to look around the various menus and sides of their ship. It looked awesome, but most importantly it looked incredibly natural. It looked like what you’d be doing in space.

Understandably, people have been calling for TrackIR to be officially supported in Star Citizen as well. There were workarounds to get it going before, but it hasn’t been officially supported. But a Cloud Imperium Games developer has confirmed that it will be — even if nobody is working on it right now.

In a post on the official forums, one of the Star Citizen devs said that TrackIR support is on the roadmap although no work has “officially been done” for the feature to date.

Will Leverett, a game support manager at CIG, posted that the studio doesn’t “have any resources currently assigned to or working on” TrackIR. “Previously TrackIR has worked through what was termed to me as a ‘hackish’ solution but has never been truly officially supported or integrated,” he added.

The roll-out of Alpha 2.0 on the public test universe appears to have broken TrackIR support for some, an irksome issue for hardcore sim fans. “TrackIR is on the same level as VOIP, players that use it regularly can’t live without it, players that haven’t used it don’t care,” one person quipped.

I’d venture that getting a stable build takes much higher precedence over TrackIR support, but fans will be fans. In any case, if you’re a concerned simmer then rest assured — official support for TrackIR is coming. But you’ll have to use workarounds for the foreseeable future, at least until CIG directs some resources to the idea.


  • I’m a small time early supporter of Star Citizen. I am still messing around in Arena Commander 1.3 regularly and enjoying playtime with my friends whenever our schedules allow. Multicrew gameplay looks amazing and squad based tactics will be relevant on a completely new scale.

    I do not use Track IR at all but I can see it being almost essential in Star Citizen. Especially for players who do not have the luxury of a Hat-Switch. No telling what the Oculus Rift may bring to the party though I’m eager to see it succeed.

    I can say without a doubt that this is already one of my favourite games. I will admit to being a space and flight sim junkie more so than anything FPS so that statement definitely carries some bias.

    The amount of transparency and information CIG provide for backers is nothing short of amazing. And while you can’t please everybody all the time I’m happy to sit back and let them do their thing.

    Squadron 42 is at the top of my wishlist.

  • I’m in the “have trackir, can’t live without it” camp.
    At least until oculousvr is out, then my trackir goes into perpetual storage and refuse center in 7 years during spring.

  • I bought track ir a year ago for arma 3. I used it for heli piloting which is essential for being a decent pilot. Then brought it over to elite and it makes the game 10x better. Once u start u cant stop. Like going from a track ball to a laser mouse

  • Another TrackIR fan here and the reason I’ve played 200 hours of Elite over my 5 hours of SC.

    Gimme the ability to look around and I’ll be right back into it!

  • Yeah, there ya go, discuss yet again how is so awesome using controllers and track it in sc but as usual… Take the elitist approach and don’t actually show people how to get it working. Can’t wait to get my money back for this bullshit game and it’s elitist member mentality. Broken UI’s making you redownload 30 gigs of data, leading to useless ssd usage but yet people still pay money to support this shit even though CIG never actually answers support requests… Biggest crowd funding hoax of the century.

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