System Shock 3 Could Be Happening

Briefly: System Shock 3 could be happening, if a new teaser by the studio Otherside is any evidence. Otherside, founded by veteran designer Paul Neurath, is also working on the Kickstarted Underworld Ascendant. Here’s guessing System Shock will be a Kickstarter, too.


  • Meh. It is SOOOO dependant on the story. System Shock 2 was so well written, the atmosphere, the gameplay, the sound design… they have a LOT of work to do to make a worthy sequel.

    Personally, if I had a game studio? I wouldn’t touch this franchise. Too many years, too many memories. I would take it as a starting point and try and make a similar game. Only if I was absolutely confident that we were clearing the mark would I try to get the naming rights.

    It’s just not worth it if they crash and burn. Or worse. Make COD in space with creepy aliens.

  • Best news of 2015 by a long shot !!

    Based on what these guys are doing with Underworld, it should be of epic proportions !
    4 days is too long to wait…….

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