Tharsis Is Coming To The Xbox One And Wii U As Well

We’ve already posted a little bit about Tharsis, the space roguelike with dice from the makers of the BIT.Trip series. It’s launching on PS4 and PC January 12, but as it turns out the game is coming to Wii U and Xbox One as well.

Choice Provisions said earlier this year that they were considering launching on Nintendo’s console, but they hadn’t confirmed anything officially at the time. The Pan European Game Information service, however, has since confirmed that a Wii U port is on the way, according to a listing in their database.

The rating is alongside ratings for the game on PC and the PS4, as well as a rating for Tharsis on Xbox One. The developer hadn’t announced an Xbox One release on social media or interviews previously this year, although it makes sense given that the game is already launching on PC.

For those unaware, Tharsis is a turn-based roguelike where you control the first-ever mission to Mars just before it gets hit by a meteor storm. It’s a challenging game in the style of Out There/Faster Than Light that also leans heavily on die rolls.

You can’t pre-order on Steam just yet — if you were ever inclined to do such a thing — but if you want to keep in touch, the Steam store page is right here. I’m quietly looking forward to this one; there’s just something about games prominently featuring dice that captures my attention. And using FTL as a hook isn’t a bad move, either.

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