The Minimum VR Specs For Elite: Dangerous Will Bring Your PC To Tears

The Minimum VR Specs For Elite: Dangerous Will Bring Your PC To Tears

Own the PC of the Gods? A machine so powerful it commands its own electronic pantheon? Well, it is but a trembling peasant in the face of Elite: Dangerous‘ minimum specs for VR. Surely they can’t be that bad? Muwhahahahahahahahaha…

Here are the details, straight from Frontier’s community manager Zac Antonaci:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770K Quad Core CPU or better / AMD FX 4350 Quad Core CPU or better
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 980 with 4GB or better
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Hard Drive: 8 GB available space

As most of you are aware we currently support HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift 0.5 SDK. We continue to work with Oculus on support for their more recent SDKs, and will let you know if and when there is more to announce.

Perhaps it’s better if you start from the bottom up — you don’t hit Disappointment Valley quite so soon. Not that it’s much of a concern, as most of us don’t actually have VR rigs (unless I’m the odd one out).

Still, when the minimum spec for something includes an i7 and GTX 980, you know it’s going to demand something spiritual from your computer, right before it sends it crying to silicon heaven with all the calculators.

VR minmum specification for Elite Dangerous [Elite, via Blue’s News]


    • Most VR headsets are essentially 2 screens. 1 for each eye. So thats two 1080p Screens you have to render. Thats why the requirements are high

      Plus you need to have a constant 90+ FPS for VR to work properly.

  • Whenever I see articles with titles like, “These PC spec requirements are outrageous” I’m always expecting really big numbers…

    Like, 32 GB to 64 GB of ram, 4 top-tier graphics cards in SLI/Crossfire. That kind of thing.

    • I was expecting at least 2-way SLI tbh. My computer is a few years old now and apart from the 980 I meet the requirements. “PC of the Gods” should not be referring to years old tech you can’t even buy new anymore…

      • They can’t because sli / crossfire is not reliable to put on paper as the requirement. Maybe after they perfected the cross sli with dx12 but until it becomes reliable it will never be On the spec 🙁

        • Supposedly SLI works great for VR though. I’m probably wrong, most likely this is what is planned rather than already implemented but from what I heard (very briefly as I multitasked away) is that with 2-way SLI, one GPU is used to generate the left eye and the other GPU for the right eye.

          I should have researched a bit before posting this but oh well, the seed is planted.

  • Wait that’s not so bad, I could upgrade the CPU and GP- wait… MINIMUM!? That sounds outrageous but its not exactly something you could call out poor optimization or something on.

    • I believe the minimum specs for VR being so high is that you absolutely must have 75-90fps at all times. I’ve got a GTX760ti, 8GB system RAM and the Rift DK2 and there are parts in stations, nearly all of hyperspace/witchspace and larger dogfights that my FPS starts dropping, and in VR that drop ends up causing disorientation and nausea, even for me and I would consider myself pretty comfortable with VR now. People who are new to it would be turned off by the issue, so they set a high entry point as a precaution I guess.

      You can probably run it with VR fine with lower specs, just bring a bucket for some parts.

      Also, if you want to get a VR headset, I whole heartedly recommend getting a good HOTAS setup too, my Rhino X55 makes it so immersive, even with the FPS drops and lower res of the DK2

    • Yeah, that is a big problem for me too, especially when I go into schools etc. to show what VR can do.
      The game really could use an offline mode.

  • Having been a user of nvidia’s stereo 3D system for years I’m glad a dev finally put out realistic specs. But as a player of Elite : Dangerous I can tell you it’s pretty poorly optimized, so rest assured more competent developers will be able to get good 3D experiences out of a 970.

  • VR is gonna be a gimmick (for gaming) until the next console generation imo.

    VR needs way more processing power vs traditional means of gaming. Relatively recent PC’s (year or two) can only just meet the requirements of VR gaming and those processors (CPU\GPU) run laps around consoles (looking at pure power) with that being the case i find it hard to believe publishers will invest into development for VR support as it’d be limited to a very small section of PC gamers – just not a large enough market.

    NB: It is possible they might release some sort of peripheral processor for console VR but i doubt it will work that well over usb due to throughput\latency constraints. It would likely increase the cost substantially as well.

    • I believe PSVR is supposed to operate something like that already. I think it has some kind of output processing box that upscales the 60fps from the console to 120fps for the headset.

      • Ohh do they? Hadn’t heard of it i have only really followed the Oculus and rather loosely at that (still early days). Would be interesting to see the specs behind it and how it handles latency, fps and resolution concerns.

  • Well I am more than safe. Now gimme a headset that is actually great and I will throw my money at you Occulus, Steam/HTC whoever, don’t care just deliver!

  • Doesn’t seem that bad at all – I do find the CPU requirements curious though.
    Intel i7 3770K or AMD FX 4350. Surely they have the AMD cpu mistaken as the FX 4350 is probably more comparable to an i3?

  • that is the exact specs of my PC, i am curious to try VR but i am more leaning to get the PS4’s model, to me it just seems it will be better optimized especially considering recent PC ports of games and those specs

  • I would say this is to have all graphics settings on max though. One thing I’ve noticed with my DK2 is that you can comfortably lower a lot of those settings and maintain a sense of believability within the game world. It’s frame rate more than texture quality that breaks the immersion. I was playing E:D on a Phenom II x960 and Radeon series 6 card and it was mostly okay (most settings were low/medium) until I hit areas where a lot was going on. Upgraded since then though.

    • These a minimum specs so most likely your graphics would be set to Medium(high) or High(Medium) options.

  • oh thats not so bad, id only need a gpu update, and the desire to play vr stuff. im pretty happy with my $1500 ish setup.

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