This MS-DOS Video Is Nostalgia In Its Purest Form

In 1995 Microsoft released Windows 95, that was sort of the beginning of the end for the MS-DOS era of PC gaming. But 1995 still played host to some incredible DOS games. This awesome video is proof of that fact.

So many classic games were released on DOS in 1995: Command & Conquer, Full Throttle, Mortal Kombat 3 and they all feature on this video. The quality, the sound in particular, is actually pretty astounding.

There's something about watching these games that brings back weird feelings for me. During the DOS era I was an Amiga guy, but I always played DOS games at my friends' houses. Videos like this just take my directly back to those places. Good times.


    Reminds me of the day I got a Voodoo card, suddenly games looked *incredible*.
    I was working on 3D Studio for DOS at Autodesk in 1995, and then secretly starting work on 3DS Max. We knew DOS was about to die, and welcomed the limitations disappearing, but also missed the tricks and familiar workarounds we had developed over the years.

    So I always associated DOS gaming with hanging around at work, until the boss had gone home, then us playing networked games or playing on the big NEC projector in the presentation room.
    This video takes me right back there :)

      3D Studio for DOS, wow, the memories. My first experience with 3D was R4. It was amazing! Well...apart from the single undo. My next step was to Max 2. Man I feel old...but given you were actually working at Autodesk, you must feel even older ;)

      In terms of gaming memories, the 80's and 90's have to be the best. NES to SNES to the N64, the slow crawl from an XT IBM compatible PC to a 286, then a 486 DX33 and all the way to a Pentium III 450. Damn that was some speed. PC's were so fast back then they had a turbo button so you could slow them down.

      Now I just need my i7 laptop to recharge so I can watch the rest of the video.

    Does anyone else remember all the voxel based games? Commanche was beast!

      MY GOD Commanche! I remember seeing the demo for it at Pacific Microlab in Melbourne Central way back then. The landscape was nothing short of amazing for that game. Then i would walk to the bargain bin and pick up a copy of Sierra/Dyanmix Rise of the Dragon 256 Color(because I had the EGA version) and just look on the back at the pictures I would never be able to see until i bought this version. After this I would walk to the back of the store and stare at all the Origin System Games on display, especially that totally black box of ULTIMA VII Black Gate, with the sticker on it saying "386 POWERED". Good times. Would choose to relive that life again.

      Commanche was awesome! I loved being able to hover behind a mountain then pop up over and launch a barrage of missiles at the enemy. Also loved F15 Strike Eagle, F117A Stealth Fighter and many other 90's flight sims.

    I didn't get a computer at home until around 98, so for me these games bring back memories of scouring second hand shops to build up my collection of all the games I'd drooled over but could never have.

    I kind of miss those days. The net is great, but you'll never have that rush of picking through a shelf of titles and stumbling across a game you've been looking for for years.

    Then trying to hide it somewhere at the back of the shelf because you can't afford it until next week and you know you'll never get another chance at finding it.

    This just makes me remember how badly I want a remake of Hexen. And a new Warcraft game. And a new Crusader game.

    At least I'm getting new Master of Orion and Descent.

    So many memories. Poor Rebel Assault, gets a bad rap really.

    Double post, oops.

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    What a year 1995 was: I was seven, dad bought our first pc and dial-up connection. Warcraft, c&c, mechwarrior, and some microsoft space-fighter game that I'm sure had "hell" in the title followed soon after. Hooked!

    Theres mechwarrior :) I didnt play 31st Century, but Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries was amazing haha

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