This Week In Games: Birds Doing Stuff

A quieter week in the lead up to Christmas and the end of a stellar year for video games, so not too many games coming out this week. Unless you're into birds. If you're into birds this week is a big deal.

Aviary Attorney (PC)

What is it? This is a game about birds being lawyers. You can't mess with that. Should you care? Well, this looks hilarious. I think I'm down for this.


What is it? This is the rubbish version of Final Fantasy VI. Should you care? Maybe go and get that DS version instead?

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star (PC)

What is it? Oh the bird game about going dates with birds. It's back. Should you care? Yeah this has a bit of a cult following. This game is probably for them.

Pay2Win: The Tricks Exposed (PC)

What is it? This looks like some kind of meta-thing. Sort of a parody. Should you care? Nah, I'd say no.

Rubber Ducky and the Rainbow Gun

What is it? A "shooter-meets-plushie-toy romp" according to the description. Should you care? Man, this actually looks polished and fun.

Turnover (PC)

What is it? A nifty looking, top-down, Hotline Miami style game, except with stealth. Should you care? I don't know too much about it, but it's slim pickings this week. Why not give it a try?

Did we miss anything? What are you picking up this week?


    If that's not a Harvey Birdman: Attorney at law game... what's even the point?

      They made one of those for the Wii. Think Ace Attorney, but with half-assed Harvey Birdman flavouring, and a bunch of Street Fighter cameos. It was supposedly a bit poo.

    Theres a DS version of FFVI? wut?

      Might've been referring to the GBA one? Although there was that 3D remake of FFIII, which I think was the US title of FFVI originally? That always confused me about which game it actually was.

        ah ok. the 3d remake of FFIII was just that, FFIII. not FFVI, if im not mistaken...

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