In Game Of Thrones Season 6, They Have No Idea What's Going To Happen

Nothing much new is shown in this Game of Thrones Season 6 teaser trailer. In fact, I'm not sure they show any new footage at all.

But there is a super cool voiceover, and it's going pretty meta.

"They have no idea what's going to happen," says Bran Stark, at the end of the trailer. Who are they talking about — the audience or the show's producers? Either way, it's a clear reference to the fact that, for the first time, the show is fully extending its reach beyond the book since George RR Martin is being way too slack in finishing the books.

I think for the most part people agree that Season 5 was one of the weaker seasons of Game of Thrones so far, but I'm still invested. And I still want to see what happens next. I'm keen.


    I have the feeling in the books J RR Martin has no idea whats going to happen.

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      Well he did have part of the book written. Just not up to the standard that he want to publish it. I'm thinking he will try to use the series as his experimental storyline and finish the book after dealing with the criticism and expand on the side stories.

      e: oops, sorry

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      He's given the showrunners a very detailed description of what happens right up until the end, just in case he goes Robert Jordan on us. He knows what's going to happen, he just takes his time writing it.

    It's been 4.5 years since A Dance with Dragons was released (2011). The previous book was 2005, so 6 years apart. So the new book should be... soon?

    This is such an interesting situation for a critically acclaimed book AND TV series to be in. However, seriously George, finish the f'ing series already!

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      I vaguely remember reading an article that stated George would only write under certain circumstances. I.e. At his house, in his chair, on his computer.

      So if he is away at a Con or a tour, he won't write during the entirety of that trip. I too wish he would hurry the hell up.

        Yep he has an old word processor PC at his house, disconnected from the internet to write on, he refuses to write away from it just incase it leaks.

          That being said, he did say his publisher was getting the shits with him not getting the book about ie they can't get on the hype train if its left the station.

            Absolutely. The publishers worried the series won't get finished at this point, age + time taken. It's a very valid concern.

      He said a few months ago (I think it might've been just after season 5) that he still planned to have both books (6/7) finished before the TV show was done.
      Considering the next book still hasn't got a release date yet though (or even a hint of one coming) there's no hope of that lol.

    That's because the writers shit the bed in the last season. Season 5 was just uninteresting, full of 'shock' moments that seemed to serve no purpose but to shock the audience. The disregarding of great characters and plot points to shoe horn more of the 'shocking' characters.

    To me the series took a tumble with "Give me 20 good men" and 'Miss Tarths Stannis seeking ability' that jumped out of the realm of believability. There were good moments, Jon's assistance to the wildlings was great, but those moments were so fair in between of what was the blandest season of all.

    I want the next season to prove me wrong, but I've become rather cynical about Game of Thrones after the stellar first two seasons.

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      I thought it was probably theweakest season so far too but still rather enjoyed it for the most part. Didn't like how dull they made the Martells (love Doran in the book) but I thought Tyrion/Jorah's journeys were pretty good to make up for it.

      It was still better than the Telltale game though ...

    He's referring to everyone I'd think. Spoilers from the books:
    The whole trailer was from his (Bran's) PoV because he has the power to see the past and the future now - or will have.
    At least that's how I saw it..

    The present writers of the series seemed to have decided that brutal kills are what makes the series successful, not an engrossing and challenging storyline.

      yeah that is my thought. Just intense blood and sexuality for the sake of it. Like Michael Bay substance-less less but not of the CGI kind.

    Hmmmm. The best parts of S5 were the parts left unchanged from the books, the worst parts were the deviations. They made all the good characters less interesting than they should be (and turned the Sand Snakes into pathetic and rather sexist jokes) took out every single interesting character otherwise and entirely failed to remain internally consistent within the universe and lore established prior. Might not even bother with S6 if they're just doing their own thing now.

    I'm just going to assume everyone dies a horrible death. Seems to be the way it goes eventually.

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