Apple Power Adapters Recalled Over Electric Shock Risk

Apple Power Adapters Recalled Over Electric Shock Risk

Apple has issued a voluntary recall of Australian AC two-prong wall plug adapters for Mac and iOS devices from between 2003 and 2015. The adapters were also included in the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. Apple has reported there have been 12 incidents globally of the adapters breaking, and creating a risk of electric shock.

The affected adapters are also used in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Continental Europe, New Zealand and South Korea.

The recall does not affect any other Apple AC wall plug adapters designed for Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, United States or any Apple USB power adapters.

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An affected two-prong plug adapter has either four or five characters or no characters on the inside slot where it attaches to the main Apple power adapter. Apple advises to stop using these adapters immediately. Visit the website for information on how to identify and exchange affected adapters for the new, redesigned version.

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  • That’s a huge time span there! Good lord – that’s probably every Apple adapter we have

  • I have had three macbook 2010 chargers break and have part of the wiring exposed. Apple must have known about this. Twelve years… Twelve bloody years!

    I’ve seen countless other broken chargers. And finally they admit to it?

    There might have been twelve incidents of people being electrocuted, but surely you’ve got to look at this ( and go, “yeah, that could be a problem”

    • I’m not sure the complaints in that image are about the same thing: they seem to be about the cord being fragile, while this recall seems to be about the removable plug that attaches to the power supply.

        • The page on the Apple web site says that the problem wall plug adapters were also sold with some iOS device chargers (this style: They don’t have the attached cord found on the laptop chargers, so it seems unlikely they’re talking about the same thing.

  • Yeah, am a bit suss on it being only 12 people, can’t see a recall of this size only because of 12 incidents. Thinking there is something missing there lol

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