Smash Bros. GameCube Adapters Sold Out In The US, Online Prices Go Nuts

Smash Bros. GameCube Adapters Sold Out In The US, Online Prices Go Nuts

“Not a single store in Georgia has any,” a local GameStop employee told me over the phone as I called about looking for the GameCube controller released with Super Smash Bros. Wii U. That’s explains why the cheapest one on Amazon is $US89.99, and why eBay prices are going through the roof.

Wii U gamepad be damned, as soon as Nintendo announced a $US19.99 peripheral that would allow classic GameCube controllers to be used on its latest console, it became the way to play the way to play Super Smash Bros. Wii U. As reader Jon, who tipped us off to the scarcity of the adaptors, writes: “Honestly, who’s going to play with the gamepad? Who’s going to force their friends to play with Wiimotes when they come over?”

Not a lot of people it seems, as while there are plenty of copies of Super Smash Bros. Wii U available for purchase, not local retailer I contacted had the adaptor available for purchase. is out. is out. has a few available, but from third-party sellers inflating the price due to scarcity. As I wrote this article, someone bought one of the four available for $US118.

eBay sellers are having a field day as well, selling the $US19 adaptor for $US50 to $US75 or more, with prices steadily rising. Japanese importers are selling at slightly lower prices, but shipping times are rather lengthy. The $US99 Smash Bros. Wii U controller bundle is seeing similar price spikes.

Smash Bros. GameCube Adapters Sold Out In The US, Online Prices Go Nuts

Some retailers retain purchaseable listings for the adaptor and/or bundle with extended shipping times, suggesting further shipments are on the way. Frys will accept orders for the GameCube adaptor for the normal price of $US19.99 today, but units are not expected to ship until December. Walmart’s listing for the bundle suggests it can be purchased today, arriving on Wednesday with expedited shipping, though no local store pick-up is available until next Friday.

My local GameStop suggested I call back next week, as they might be expecting a small shipment. So there’s hope — just not for the game’s first big weekend.

I reached out to Nintendo for a statement on GameCube adaptor availability, and will update this post should I hear back.


    • Yeah, I heard that EB was out and so I quickly ran to JB HiFi to pre-order my game + adaptor bundle.

      Nintendo must have really under-estimated the amount of insane gamecube fans there are around!

  • I am rofling at the fact that this adapter is going for crazy prices all because of the fact that nintendo decided at the time of the wii’s conception that they thought it was a good idea at the time to experiment with motion control, instead of continuing with the gamecube controller, thus sparing customers from shelling out lots of money to get new tvs because of loose flying into tvs wiimotes. Now with the total 110% increase of demand of gamecube controller adapters, to which i believe there is 1 that may have been bid on for $1000. Thanks nintendo, for causing this trainwreck, making your customer’s wallets scream in violent pain because of you thinking to sell alot of anticipated products in 1 DAY

    • To be fair the Wii U Pro Controller which has been available since day one is better. The GameCube pad is a classic because it’s got a lot of legendary exclusive games tied to it but it’s still only got one shoulder button, no ‘select’ button, the sticks don’t double as buttons and the C-Stick sucks compared to a real stick. I mean look at the controls for Metroid Prime. One of the greatest games ever made and it uses GoldenEye style stand and spin aiming with lock-on targeting because they didn’t want to admit Sony were onto something with twin sticks.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a soft spot for it with Smash Bros and the triggers were sweet. I just don’t think it’s some magic upgrade that should have been released along aside the Wii U. At best it’s a side-grade but I think more realistically it’s a novelty downgrade.

    • nintendo decided at the time of the wii’s conception that they thought it was a good idea at the time to experiment with motion control, instead of continuing with the gamecube controller

      Just going to put this out there – you do realise that the Wii has ports to plug in GameCube controllers, right?

  • So I pre-ordered mine. I should sell the adapter online and make back the cost of my game and then some.

  • I still have my old GameCube controller (kept to play some games like Smash Bros on the Wii) but aren’t really sold on buying an adaptor if it doesn’t transfer to other games. Making it compatible with the HD Wind Waker would be the right way to go.

    If I needed something to play Smash WU multiplayer I’d probably go for the Pro Controller because I can use it on lots of other games (such as Tekken Tag & Mario Kart 8).

    If I find a cheap adaptor down the line, I might get one because I know where to get a ton of GameCube controllers back in Canberra.

    • crossing fingers and hoping it’s just a matter of time before they announce gamecube eshop games.

      • That I would like & have hoped for since the launch of the Wii U.
        If not, will simply go & buy an old GameCube & as many games as I can but that would also mean getting an old TV because can’t upscale a GC to a digital monster screen. 🙁

    • Yeah none at EB Kings Meadows and was there on opening. If you really want one Target had them in the catalogue so might be worth a try?

  • 6 days- still no statement from Nintendo on their plans, their silence is damning. For a company that is struggling so much to botch the release of a product with actual demand, probably says a lot about why they were struggling so much to begin with. Every day without word from Nintendo is another day they silently sit back and allow third parties to price gouge the public. MAKE A DAMN STATEMENT. EVEN IF ITS TO SAY SORRY THATS IT.

    • Meanwhile, the internet is being flooded with rumors stating that it is officially discontinued due to some reply and the chinese adapters are already flooding stores.
      Nintendo just screwed another product launch and their fans who had this pre-ordered.

  • You can literally ring Nintendo Customer Service (03) 9730 9822 and order one directly for $29.95 delivered in 3-5 days. I ordered one this morning after contemplating spending $50+ on ebay :/

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