Does Obama Collect Amiibo?

Does Obama Collect Amiibo Or What

Briefly: Today, US president Barack Obama took interviews with a few YouTube celebrities, and hey wait a minute are those Amiibo?

Does Obama Collect Amiibo Or What

Does Obama collect Amiibo? Which do you think is his favourite? Does he really have TWO Luigis?


    Thats the interviewers set.
    Each interviewer has their own mini set that they sit in front of that matches the sets they use for their personal channels.

    I don't think those are amiibo specifically, I think they are just generic Nintendo figurines.

    Last edited 17/01/16 12:12 am

      Specifically, they're the Goldie set of figurines, looks like mostly series 1 and 2.

      Also it looks like each of the interviewers has their own set (as in stage, not collection), if anything I'd be thinking that these are the interviewer's figures. But who knows.

    Yep, Obama brings out his Amiibos specifically to put on this guys set.

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