JB Hi-Fi Is Selling All Of Its Amiibo For $10 Each

Amiibo usually retail at $17.95 and I'd wager a number of you have gone flat-out broke trying to collect them all.

Good news: JB Hi-Fi is kicking off a sale tomorrow (Thursday March 24) and selling all its amiibo stock for $10 each, while stocks last. It's gonna be a bloodbath.

You know the deal with this kind of thing. Each store has different amiibo, different amounts of each amiibo, etc. It's basically going to be a lottery every time you head in-store.

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This is probably as good a time as any to bulk up the collection.

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    How do you know it's all Amiibos? might only just be the first few waves, however if it includes those newer Animal Crossing ones I'd be interested.

    Be mindful, there's already a catalogue correction.

    Aussie games retail can't even do a fire sale properly these days.

      Excludes amiibo Yarn Yoshi's, Animal Crossing amiibos, Triple packs, amiibo cards and any 2016 released amiibos.

      You're right, seems like its only the first few waves. lame.

        The non-Smash ones I sort of understand, but it just seems petty to exclude THREE that just happen to be part of one of the last waves. Almost predatory behaviour there.

          Makes sense to clear out old stock to make shelf space for the new characters, the ones people actually want. Seems like an opportunity for people to fill the gaps in their collection on the cheap.

        Hope they clarify what the 2016 amiibos are in store, otherwise its gonna get confusing

          2016 amiibos so far are: Blathers, Celeste, Kicks, Lucas, Mr Resetti, Isabelle (summer), Kapp'n, R.O.B FAMICOM, Rover, Roy, RYU, Timmy & Tommy.

    I wish they'd but the WiiU on sale...

    Stupid Nintendo.

      This is the stores, not Nintendo.

        Not as far as my research shows. Nintendo controls the discounts, which is why you almost never see discounted hardware or software for Nintendo. It's the (in my view ridiculous) philosophy that discounting product cheapens it in the eyes of the consumer. I would have said that supply and demand might have something to do with it. Lower the price and you get increased sales. But no, Nintendo doesn't give a fuck about increased sales, apparently.

          I dunno, it makes sense to me. Seen far too many people grumble about such and such game on Steam costing ten bucks or something instead of 50c.

            Yeah, people will grumble about anything. When the Wii U is still at its launch price 3.5 years later though... I mean, come on, the BoM for the Wii U must be a LOT less than it was at launch. Unless Nintendo was selling Wii U at a huge loss at launch (and even if it was) you'd expect the price to gradually come down in the same way as the Sony and MS consoles do (but no, Nintendo only competes on the strength of its products, not on price).

            Last I heard, Nintendo won't do retailer returns of unsold stock and won't generally approve discounted sales, so retailers have to be very careful what they order from Nintendo (particularly hardware) because if they have excess stock they are going to eat a hefty loss on it if they discount.

            Last edited 23/03/16 10:55 am

              you'd expect the price to gradually come down in the same way as the Sony and MS consoles do
              The price did go down. The launch price for the 32GB model was $429.95. Currently, for a 32GB Wii U with Nintendo Land, it costs $349. Hell, I paid $300 for my Wii U and it came with Splatoon and Disney Infinity stuff.

                The official price is still $429, whether you go to Big W, Target, EB Games, JB Hifi etc. There have been sales, as has been mentioned in other comments, which are almost always big retailers eating a loss. The only difference between now and launch, is that now you can get a good game included in the bundle instead of Nintendoland :-P

            Most things have a Recommended Retail price, and it comes down to the company in question if they want to follow that price. On certain items (like bundles) the RRP is often only a dollar or two above cost price, and so the retailer has a lot of back and forth with the manufacturer to try and work out some kind of deal so that they can offer something a bit more substantial/different to the customer.

            That's why a lot of the time youll see bundles that just happen to have different titles but tend to be around the same price.

            Loss leaders like BIG W and Target often sell products way below price to get you in the store/purchasing off them, in the hopes that youll then purchase other things while your in the store or browsing their website.

          I can buy a WiiU for $350 odd bucks and then spend $69+ each on the handful of games worth owning.

          Or I can buy a PS4/ Xbone for $400-$450 and pick up an assortment of great games for anywhere between $15-50.

          One console is getting maybe 2 more games worth owning before it dies (IGN is reporting they’re about to cease production), the other two will have great games for the next 3 years.

          Tough choice….

            I know, it's just that there are one or two Wii U games I'd really like to play at some stage (Bayo 2 and Xeno X). I'll just have to keep an eye on ebay it seems.

            Handful? There is more than a handful of games worth owning on the Wii U. I love my Xbone and use it regularly, but I have also gotten just as much gaming out of the Wii U.

            Ive probably spent as much time playing Splatoon as I have Fallout 4 and I have every achievement on that..

          To be fair, there has been some really good discounts on Wii U over the last year or so. Ive seen $359 for the Mk8/Splatoon bundle amongst others..

    JB already dropped ALL Amiibos down to $14 the other day (was in there on Friday), so they're probably clearing out all of their stock before the next waves come in.

    There are a few that I want to grab, so hopefully they'll still be around when I get to head in tomorrow.

    I've already grabbed all that I'm interested in, plus Wii Fit trainer. Still not sure why I picked that one up :/

    I wish there were more 8bit amiibo's. I just want an 8bit bowser, donkey kong and link!

    Meh, may as well get Ike and Marth for Fire Emblem when it comes out

    Well shit. I knew I should've waited.
    I impulsively bought 2 Amiibos last week for a fun little mod. Could've saved myself $14. :(

    Well that's neat, I'm hoping to pick up Fox ahead of the Star Fox Zero release and at $10 that sounds like a bargain.

    Went into JB Broadway this morning. Still heaps left - however can confirm that even though it states all Amiibos, it doesn't include the Animal Crossing ones... :-/

    The bag checker was like, why the f**k is everyone buying these toys.... lol..

    Just bought the Roy amiibo at full price didn't realise excluded 2016 releases, Adelaide city store. It's the only one I want though. Ryu looked pretty sick though.

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