Kmart Australia Is Selling Selected Amiibo For $4

Hi friends, I am about to provide you with information that may well put your family in the poor house.

Kmart seems to be having a big amiibo sale.

It's necessarily advertised anywhere and it appears to be in-store only, but nationwide it appears as though Kmart is selling select amiibo for $4.

According to OzBargain, the following amiibo were being sold at $4 while stocks last:

Bowser Jnr Captain Falcon Dark Pit Ganondorf Greninja Inkling Boy (Splatoon) Inkling Girl (Splatoon) Jigglypuff King Dedede Kirby Luigi (Super Smash Bros) Mii Brawler Mii Gunner Mii Sword Fighter Olimar R.O.B. Zelda

Vooks also has the lowdown on the sale. Apparently some people have picked up a Yarn Yoshi (undoubtedly one of the coolest amiibo) for $6.

This strikes me as a proper, old-fashioned clearance sale — meaning that if you want to get some of these amiibo you'd be advised to get your arse to Kmart ASAP.


    I read that last line in Arnie's voice.

    Don't pretend you didn't either.

    However, this probably means I'll have to pry an amiibo out through my nose before long I think.

    My local K-Mart seems to be getting out of games all together. Last time I went in there, they had Amiibo, Infinity and Skylanders figures, and that was it - not even the starter pack games or the slightest hint of a PS, Xbox or Nintendo console. (They weren't discounted to these prices though).

    Is this a universal decision or am I just SOL with my local?

      It's something that's happened at my local K-Mart too. Only place that sells anything other than nfc toy based games now is Harvey Norman

      Haven't been to my local one for ages, but they seemed to be on the way out the last few times I was there. Not surprised nobody was buying anything from them with those prices. Same with their DVD/BluRay section. For a supposedly "cheap" retailer, they're not actually very cheap except for their own home brand shit.

        Yeah, Kmart have really gone to shit the last few years. They were always worse than BigW but now.....I really hate going in there.

          Yeah, the only reason I used to go there was cheap books. Now they dont' sell them anymore, either. Presumably because they're not KMart's home brand. Maybe they should hire some writers to write shit novels that they can release as cheap home brand books.

      *deleting double post... not sure what happened there*

      Last edited 03/02/16 9:43 am

      Not just you, they're getting out of games everywhere.
      Dick Smith was as well before it went under.

      Still have Big-W, Target and JB, at least for now.

    I mentioned this on TAY last week, the K-Mart at Orange had pretty much all the SSB Amiibos for $4 each, no discount on Yoshi yarn though :(


    Bet they're out or the ones I want, but I'll give it a shot anyway...

    Can someone explain the difference between these and on disc DLC?

      I guess you get a pretty statue, but at a much higher price? And they do generally work across different games.

      That said, I think they're insidious. Also, none of then are on sale at Broadway :(

        I'm just trying to understand what the process is. Do these come with a download code or something?

        Because why would people want to support something that makes games have even more locked away content.

        It seems insane to me.

          They're effectively a number for most games. You scan the chip, it sees the number, it unlocks the costume or whatever. You can reuse it on as many games across as many accounts as you want. Usually far less content than full DLC.

          It also acts as, effectively, a USB stick to store state in a select few games.

          The main appeal, though, is the pretty statues and the gotta catch em all aspect.

          They are cheaper and better quality figures than any other Nintendo range of figures.
          Plus, they add small functionalities to a range of games. Nothing big is hidden behind Amiibo unlocks.

          Games have full content. More often than not the only thing that Amiibos unlock are completely optional cosmetic upgrades.

      I collect them as figurines. Hardly ever use them with games. If you're buying Amiibo just to unlock game content, you're doing it wrong. ;-p

    Moonee Ponds store still had Amiibos listed at $15

    Can confirm kmart is getting out of video games etc. Aiming to phase out by end of 2016. Only constant stock is Disney infinity and skylanders. No xbone/ps4 and WiiU games anymore.
    Also planning to phase out DVDs.

    Mainly want to focus on home decor, toys/nursery.

    I've seen them in store for $4 over the last couple of weeks, but the most I have seen in stock is like 2 Pikachus and that's it.

    was able to pick up a Smash Bros. Luigi for $2.50 at my local, the only other figure that was marked down/in-stock was Olimar.. Was really hoping for Link and/or Greninja to be in stock :(

      Did you scan them to check the price?

      All amiibo were ticketed at $15 last time I was in, all of the ones I scanned came up for $4.

        I checked Midland Kmart when I read it on Vooks the other day, they had the $4 tickets up but it only denoted for the 'Smash Bros' ones and they had a pretty small selection. I scanned Pikachu to see if they were all discounted but it came up at full price, if there were any at $4 they were long gone.

        I scanned Smash Bros. Luigi and 'normal' Luigi, that was about it. Smash Luigi scanned at $2.50 even though the ticket said $4, but 'normal' Luigi still scanned at $15

    I got an ROB three weeks ago for $7 & Inkling Girl the other week for $4 at K-Mart Queanbeyan (NSW). Didn't know that the sale extended to other older stock. Will have to use in the instore scanners to see which ones.

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