The Splatoon Amiibo We've Been Waiting For

The Splatoon Amiibo We've Been Waiting For

Unlocking new in-game challenges is nice and all, but where are the Amiibo that unlock new musical numbers? They're Callie and Marie, Splatoon's Squid Sisters, and they will be hitting stores on July 8.

They're in-game TV personalities. They're virtual idols. They're delicious-looking food. The Squid Sisters are the best thing to come out of Splatoon besides actual Splatoon, and they have earned the two-pack of toys they're getting on July 8.

The Squid Sisters Amiibo, available in a two pack for $US24.99 ($33), unlock a series of songs that the two will perform in game. It's song and dance downloadable content, which I'd probably be angry about if I weren't so utterly delighted.

The Squid Sisters will be joined on shelves July 8 by recolors of the Inkling Boy and Girl figures (two of my favourites), available individually or in a three pack with an orange version of the Inkling Squid. I'd never gotten the Squid, having bought the Boy and Girl figures individually, so now's my chance to have it without having to rebuy two of the exact same things to get a third new one.


    The Splatoon Amiibo We've Been Waiting For

    Speak for yourself. Where's Cap'n Cuttlefish already?!

    Always up for more Splatoon Amiibo! Got all three of the previous ones individually and kept them boxed, then bought the 3-pack to play with! Wish my Wii U wasn't in storage, though :(

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