The Final Splatoon Splatfest Is Over, And One Squid Sister Reigns Supreme

The Final Splatoon Splatfest Is Over, And One Squid Sister Reigns Supreme

After spending more than a year falling in love with Callie and Marie, Splatoon‘s final Splatfest asked players to choose between them. It was incredibly close, but we’ve decided to live with mum. Wait.

OK, maybe it wasn’t that hard of a decision. More of the Vicky Vale or Robin sort of thing Batman’s always running into. Or crunchy or soft tacos. Am I rambling on, or am I adding a thick layer of anti-spoiler text for players who’d rather see the final results in-game?

Fine. The community has already torn itself apart anyway. Might as well land the killing blow. YouTuber Chris D stayed up all night to bring you these results, so if you see him, thank him.

That’s right, Marie wins. The best Squid Sister has come out on top. Or the worst. It really has been a divisive battle. I guess most battles are.

Now all that’s left for us to do is sit back and watch the Splatoon community burn.


  • Hang on, are these reactions randomised? I saw the result via my Wii U this morning and Callie was actually on the bitter side over having lost.

    • Wait, what did she say for you? On mine it was fairly neutral and underwhelming, on both fronts. No bitterness from Callie, no exclamations from Marie, just kind of an “oh well that’s that I guess”.

      The video here was much better. I feel ripped off now.

      • Can’t remember the exact words but Callie showed utter disbelief and later said, “Don’t worry Team Callie, I still love you.”

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