Splatoon 2 Has A New Pair Of Squid Idols And They Are Perfect

Given that Marie and Callie have split, squid kids need new pop singers. Enter Pearl and Marina, Splatoon 2's freshest new sound.

Like the first game, Splatoon 2 will feature "Splatfests" where players can join teams based on voting preferences. During these events, the common square lights up, and music booms through the streets — all courtesy of these two:

We only saw a couple of minutes of Pearl and Marina, but I already love them. Note that Marina is an Octoling, which is a curious choice given the ongoing war among squids and Octolings. What are the lore implications here? In any case, this pair doesn't seem to bicker as much as Marie and Callie, but they do seem goofy. And, like before, they will each represent a side of the vote.

According to Nintendo, the first Splatfest will be themed around cake and ice cream. In a twist, this event will happen before the release of the game, for anyone who downloads the Splatoon 2 demo:

In the first game, many of the Splatfests seemed inconsequential — just people fighting over silly preferences. Later, we found out that our votes actually influenced the story of Splatoon 2, causing the loser of the vote to fall from grace. So, vote carefully, everyone. The fate of Inkopolis may rest on whether or not you like cake or ice cream.

Splatoon 2 releases for the Nintendo Switch on July 21. Rest in peace, Marie and Callie. These new tunes are hot:


    2 new Splatoon idols for Splatoon 2 the sequel well I say count me in because I can't wait for another Splatoon battle to splat some more ink and I would like to meet the Splatoon 2 idols Marie and Callie definitely ready for some more Splatoon action after playing the original Splatoon just over 2 years ago and now it's time for a new Splatoon generation when Splatoon 2 arrives on arrives for the Nintendo Switch on July 21.

      Goddamn, you are such a strange curiosity!

      Dude, take a breath n use some punctuation!

        It's not a dude, it's a bot. I just dont know why it's here, or why it's designed to only post about nintendo.

          Because it's important! =P

    I should finish Splatoon 1 at some point. I went on holiday around a week after it came out and when I got back everyone online would just destroy me.

      That's when you should play with other people. They'll help you get up to speed.

      I thought it looked weird as hell and gave it a miss then finally picked it up after the buzz only increased after it released. You get up to speed quick enough. I was maybe a month behind.

    Like Marina...not so fond of Pearl.

      Agree. And I don't think either hold a candle to Callie and Marie. Even their names were better with the pun and all.

        I realised that the last splatfest was to decide who the single player villain would be. Callie lost that splatfest and is now the villain. Marie won and asks the player to stop Callie.

        Marina has a nice voice, but I'm just not fond of the style. Similar to the random metal song int he first game. Was not a fan.

          Also Marina looks like she's constantly nervous, like someone is going to call her out on being an octoling.

          Nobody has said Callie will be the villain. There're all theories. And Marie doesn't ask the player to stop Callie.

            Well, it's callie's silhouette in the single player trailer where DJ Octavia would be

    Marina is a nice lady. Pearl is "We're going to take over the world, Pinky!"

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