How Until Dawn Becomes A Multiplayer Party Game

How Until Dawn Becomes A Multiplayer Party Game

If you’re a fan of Until Dawn and you’re anything like me, you’ve probably already finished the game a couple of times. You’ve saved the teens, you’ve killed the teens, you’ve collected everything there is to collect. Or maybe you haven’t got around to playing it at all yet. Well, there’s a new way to enjoy it all over again — or even for the first time — and it hinges around getting a group of your friends together.

While multiplayer was once falsely listed as a feature of Until Dawn some time before the game’s release, the final product was solely a single-player experience. While you can’t have more than one person playing at a time, you can change the experience with a pass-the-controller kind of system. This pseudo-multiplayer method of playing Until Dawn isn’t collaborative — it’s competitive. It’s best played with 4-6 people, though you can technically do it with anywhere between 2-8 people. For the optimum experience, however, it’s best played with people who haven’t finished the game before.

Here’s how it works: each player is assigned an even(ish) number of characters from Until Dawn’s roster of eight. With four players, for example, each would be assigned two characters. Keep in mind that Sam and Mike have the most action and Josh and Jess have the least, with Chris, Ashley, Emily and Matt coming in around the middle. Try to distribute the characters evenly so that everyone gets close to equal screen time. The controller goes to whoever’s character is being controlled at the time (watch out for sneaky mid-scene swaps) and you have one goal: keep your own characters alive at all costs.

While regular playthroughs of Until Dawn usually have the player aiming to keep all the teens alive, this semi-competitive spin on it really opens the door for some good old-fashioned backstabbing and selfishness. Just try not to kill anyone who might be useful to you later.

So this Australia day, once the barbecue is finished, the sausages are getting cold and the Hottest 100 has finished, why not gather some of your friends around the PS4 for some good, old-fashioned survival horror? Even better — make it into a drinking game. Drink every time someone misses a QTE. Drink when someone screws over your character. Finish your drink when someone dies. Good luck!


  • Lol, Whoever controls Sam can basically kill a lot of characters at the end of the game by playing poorly so it is really important that whoever controls her hasn’t played through to the end before.

  • Awesome I will definitely try this. Got my wife’s family playing Her Story, they where reluctant at first but after 5 mins they didn’t want to stop.

  • If 2 of you are playing, I would split the characters Sam-Josh-Chris-Ashley / Mike-Jess-Emily-Matt.
    These groupings result in the player being responsible for deaths or survival of the characters in that group (except end decision). Also, the gameplay is quite balanced this way. If you have 4 people playing, split the characters. Sam-Josh / Chris-Ashley / Mike-Jess / Emily-Matt.

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