In Defence Of Dragon’s Dogma

In Defence Of Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma didn’t get the kindest review on Kotaku when it came out in 2012 for consoles. With the PC version arriving on Steam today, it’s an opportunity for me to mount a defence for one of my favourite flawed games of the last few years. Dragon’s Dogma is far from perfect, but damn, I love it.

It used to be that Japanese RPGs ruled the world, but these days, games like Skyrim have proved dominant. Dragon’s Dogma was Capcom’s attempt at melding its expertise in combat design with the popularity of open world games.

As an open world game, Dragon’s Dogma isn’t very good. As an action game, Dragon’s Dogma is one of the best around. The combat in Bethesda’s games becomes stale after a few hours, but Dragon’s Dogma kept me enthralled from start to finish, thanks to the amount of subtle control you wield over it.

Even though the PC version looks sharp — the console versions ran like shit — it’s definitely a game from 2012. Being able to play at 60 frames-per-second helps!

I’m hoping this is Capcom simply testing the waters for an English version of Dragon’s Dogma Online. (That said, sources told me a PC version of the game has been kicking around internally for years. Not sure why it took them this long to release it?) The company laid an incredible foundation down with the first game, and there’s so much potential left unrealised. Maybe we’re a step closer.

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