Jonathan Blow Ain't Got Time To Pee

It only seems like yesterday we were complaining about the cost of Jonathan Blow's upcoming game The Witness. Then he goes and makes a tweet that puts it all in perspective.

So I guess he created some sort of contraption that allowed him to pee whilst making his new video game. Cool.

Honestly man, I've been busy. I don't think I've ever been so busy that I didn't have time to pee.


    The thought of someone catheterising themselves is more than a little disturbing.

    Not knowing much about this game other than it's by Jonathon Blow, what is this supposed to indicate? Is this some sort of comment about being held to a deadline by a publisher so he felt pressured to stay at his desk? Or is this just something he chose to do for no reason other than that's just how he works? I need to know how to react! You can't let me form my own opinions, they might be wrong.

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      Doesn't have time to go pee... yet makes a contraption to urinate into and then uploads it to social media

        Exactly what I was thinking. Hahahahaha He seems pretty proud of it

        Edit: probably had to go shops get all the tubes, tape, bottles and everything else

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        it probably saved time in the long run

          It takes what 45 seconds to pee on average? That device including gathering supplies would probably be 10-15 minutes work.. thats like 13-15 pee breaks worth. That's easily a few days if you've a normal bladder...

          I can't see the point, seems useless and to be honest, I think it's apple juice >_>

            You gotta get up and pee, then wash your hands, then check the fridge to see if there's anything to eat...

            but yeah, I hope this is a joke or something.
            Even if he did make some sort of pee-bottle system, why on earth would you tell anyone about it?


        Also how much work could one accomplish whilst relieving yourself at your desk anyway?

    Dunno, could just be bizarre marketing.

      That's real pee though. You can see that it entered the bottle hot but then as it cooled down it lowered the pressure of the bottle crushing it slightly.

    Maybe it's just a custom apple juice drinking bottle?

      That was my thought, some sort of expendable straw drinking contraption.

        The positioning of the straw is wrong for a drinking contraption. All signs lead to pee.

          Maybe he just invented reverse gravity liquid dispensing...

      The straw doesn't go to the bottom of the bottle, I'm afraid.

    Or, you know, it is a home made juice bottle and it contains apple juice

    Witness Pee...

    Insert Fury Road GIF here.

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    Guess he also has a sh#t bucket too

    If you "don't have time" for a vital bodily function then you need to sort out your priorities.

      Yeah a stupid really, nothing is too important to come before bodily functions.

    I await Jonathan Blow approved UTI medication

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