Kotaku US ‘Shop Contest: The 2015 Year-End All-Star Extravaganza: Winners! 

Kotaku US ‘Shop Contest: The 2015 Year-End All-Star Extravaganza: Winners! 

The winner of the final Kotaku US ‘Shop Contest of 2015 took everything we loved about the original ‘Shop Contests and combined them into one highly derivative yet incredibly entertaining image. Congratulations, J.J. Abrams!

Oh wait, sorry. Got mixed up. Congratulations Ginger Snap, who could be J.J. Abrams for all we know, though it’s highly unlikely. Not only did Ginger Snap combine elements from each of the five contests linked in the year-end post, they also added Monster Energy, New Ken, That’s No Moon Head, Bowser, Mad Max getting a new jacket and the Nvidia Shield, which looks like it’s about to be taken down by an angry teddy bear.

Before we get into the runners-up for the grand finale of the 2015 US ‘Shop Contests, I want to give a special shout-out to Flawed Logic, who created a similar image but put hair on my head, which is unnatural and wrong.

Every participant is a winner in my book. Every week readers come here and have a damn good time playing with all the things, and each week I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

The Entries That Technically Also Won But Not Really

uscg_pa came terrifically close to taking this one. It came down to the wire.

sillstaw never fails to make me laugh.

Arch Duke Maxyenko made the best Amiibo ever.

sciteach channeled old school TAY with a picture my mother has hanging at her house.

Mrichston makes me want to be a badder bear.

Jesus Christ, cecil_banon.

Aidantheman13 just can’t let go of the dancing.

Linkstwitch gives us the game we really want to play. Also, Paula is riding a dinosaur.

Kyo Hamashi makes us hunt for it.

F4LV makes our eyes hurt and heads ache.

A recipe for terror from Spencer.

Merylas makes Battlefront slightly less boring.

Thanks to all of our winners and participants for an amazing 2015. We’ll be taking a Shop Contest break this week due to an event I have next weekend, but we’ll kick off fresh in 2016 real soon. I leave you all with this, courtesy of uscg_pa.


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