One Piece's Devil Fruit Goes On Sale In South Korea

One Piece's Devil Fruit Goes on Sale in South Korea

In cake form, of course! According to Insight and Extreme Movie, two kinds of Devil's Fruit cake have gone on sale, each priced at 50,000 Korean Won ($48). Apparently there were only a limited number offered, first come first serve basis at the end of last year.

Two kinds were offered: Gomu Gomu no Mi, which makes your body rubbery, and Mera Mera no Mi, which lets you control fire.

Make that in One Piece and not in real life. Sorry!

I do know that they really look like Devil's Fruit.


I really am impressed. Though, I am easily impressed.

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Nom nom nom.

You can cut it.

The inside sure looks tasty.

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I want this in my belly.

Ideal for birthdays and get-togethers, I guess!

Or better yet, pretending you're Monkey D. Luffy.

One Piece's Devil Fruit Goes on Sale in South Korea

[Image: Extreme Movie]

The Mera Mera no Mi cake looks delicious, too.

Top image: Extreme Movie


    Pity that devil fruit are supposed to taste awful haha.

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