Stepmania Played At Super Speed Is Just Not Human

Stepmania Played At Super Speed Is Just Not Human

Video: “So this is very, very stamina-intense,” said a commentator watching the Stepmania run at Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 yesterday. “On really hard songs… you actually become mentally tired as well. It’s not just your hands. You actually get tired.” What followed was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen someone do with a video game. This run of the open-source rhythm game Stepmania, performed by the superhuman speedrunner Staian, is a must-watch. Skip to around 18:00 if you just want to see the craziest parts.


  • It’s mostly about learning the patterns and the rest is training up your muscles to move that quickly and repetitively. If you fired random notes that quickly at someone, they couldn’t possibly do it (it was going up to around 27 notes per second at one point).

    • In the video the commentator says its set keys for each song, but he also says the pros dont memorize and instead train their muscle memory for certain combinations of keys and do everything reflexively

      • Yeah I know what they mean. It’s not about consciously tapping out a memorized pattern. It’s more like reading ahead on sheet music that you already know by heart. You use the notes more as an aide-memoire than anything else. For me the hardest rhythm beatmaps are those that don’t have recognisable patterns. It’s true what you say about memorising combinations. These combinations tend to be found in many different rhythm games.

  • Even if they were doing it by memory, that is stupidly insane and bloody impressive.

  • That’s pretty impressive. That said, I’m still a fan of DDR just for the sheer physical stamina and fitness requirements involved that are higher than just tapping on a keyboard.

    This was me from a few years back:

    I look back at this now and I’ve improved colossal amounts. That said, there are people who still make me look like a retarded monkey.

    • Who maintains that machine? The arrows in the wrong spots drove me nuts (as an ex arcade worker, I would never do something that like)

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