This Might Be The Craziest Rocket League Goal Ever

You're probably like me. For two months Rocket League was all you cared about. Then... other video games came out.

But there's a hardcore niche of players who never stopped playing and they've evolved like crocodiles flushed down toilets.

The shit they do nowadays is pretty terrifying.

This might be my favourite:

There's been better representations of pure Rocket League skills — juggling, aerials, teamwork — but in terms of pure spectacle, it's hard to mess with this. This is some Dragon Ball Z shit.


    this is the type of goal you swear, punch and kick at because its bullshit, but then congratulate the bastard because its so unbelievable.

    It's also worth noting, they are playing with mutators on. EXTRA bouncy ball etc.

      Thats a Mutator? Source of knowledge?

        For custom games; they are settings that allow you to change the conditions of the game.
        Conditions such as: Ball size/shape/bounciness, gravity and how long the boost lasts on a single charge...

        Last edited 07/09/16 8:26 pm

    Saw the title. Clicked on it, ready to come in here all "that's nowhere near the best ever".... but I have to say that was a damn fine play! Obviously with a healthy dose of luck, but a hell of a goal nonetheless.

    Lucky bastard. 1v1 with bounce turned up looks like fun.

    That's obviously his buddy and they were working on that. It's amazing none the less, but there are mutator settings on and it's setup. Bravo at the execution.

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