The Official Zelda Timeline Has Been Updated

Briefly: If you were wondering were Tri-Force heroes fits in the official Zelda timeline, rest easy! Nintendo has updated the official chronology. It takes place several years after The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Noted!

You can see more details on the chronology here and here.


    Isn't that actually Link Between worlds in that image.

      Yup, mainly because it is a 3DS game

      Yep, and how is ALtTW divergent directly from OoT? Wasn't it clearly established that it happened after ALttP?

        Correct, but Ocarina is the hinge point for all the Zelda timelines. A) Hero is defeated leads to the Link to the Past timeline. B) Child Link timeline, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, 4 swords adventures. C) Adult Link timeline, Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

        Better explained through the Hyrule Historia image here

          Oh yeah, I know all this, I was just surprised that in this graphic they made a direct connection between OoT and ALtTW. I take it is an abridged chart but the stuff that was included and the stuff that was not seems random. For example, it would have been nice to know if Triforce Heroes comes immediately after ALtTW or if TLoZ I & II came first.

          Does anyone know if Ganon appears in Triforce heroes in any form? I'll likely never play that game so I don't mind spoilers.

            It's Link to the Past > Oracle of Ages/Seasons > Triforce Heroes (99% probability) > Link's Awakening. Then there's a new iteration of Link for Link Between Worlds. Then another new iteration for The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link.

            Triforce Heroes taking place before Link's Awakening makes the most sense, as Link was returning from training in a 'distant land' when that adventure befell him.

    We were told this on the day the game launched. It's also the same Link from Link to the Past, so it probably occurs after Oracle of Ages/Seasons, but before Link's Awakening.

    Just finished Tri-Force Heroes the other day, and from my understanding, it has absolutely no link (heh) to the rest of the series whatsoever. Completely different characters, completely different world. Whether it happens before or after other events in the series is meaningless, since it doesn't cross paths with them anyway.

    At first I thought the title read “wondering where ‘tri-force heroes’ fits in the timeline. But then I read it again and realized it was “wondering were ‘tri-force hereoes fits’ in the timeline.

    So I take it this means triforce heroes fits is indeed canon to the zelda timeline. I wonder how fits plays into the game. Maybe zelda is diabetic and needs a 20 pack of 29g fits to tri-insulin-force the shit out of sugar infested ganondorf.

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