There’s A Mod That Sort Of Turns Jedi Academy Into Street Fighter

There’s A Mod That Sort Of Turns Jedi Academy Into Street Fighter

You won’t be able to see whether Darth Vader’s lightsaber can deflect a hadouken or witness the power of Chun Li belting the snot out of Han Solo, but it’s a cool twist on Jedi Knight that should at the very least help rectify the memory of that trashy Star Wars beat-em-up from the 1990’s.

It’s called Jedi Fighter, and it’s a mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy that turns the game into a 1v1 experience with Street Fighter-esque perspectives and health bars. It’s in beta right now and if you’ve got Jedi Academy on Steam or on a disc somewhere, you can grab the files from ModDB.

Look at how cute that Stormtrooper is. It’s almost like lightsaber dancing.

According to the developer, it works “great in [1v1] multiplayer online and on LANs”. The full version of the mod will support the standard AI that comes with Jedi Academy, but the latest build does have enough bells and whistles that the AI can calculate the best possible move “based on their position relative the opponent, their speed … their moves list and health”. “They will also learn from opponents during matches,” creator skew posted late last month.

The mod runs on OpenJK which you’ll need to get Jedi Fighter going, and you can find all the files and instructions here if you want to mess around with some 1v1 Star Wars action.


    • Well there is that totally sweet character select screen. Hopefully there’s a “Round One. Fight!” voice over too.

      • Didnt even realise that? It’s been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long since I’ve played it. Used to love it ‘back in the day’ lol. Was one of the best multiplayer fighters on pc 😀

        • Theres also that dynamic camera movement as the players move. Its relatively easy changing a game from First to Third person perspective but this not so much. Be like creating a mod that forced you to keep all enemies on the screen at once while you moved around. Theres certainly a lot more to the mod than just utilising the game assets.

          Would be just like saying the recently announced Sven Co-op just adds an extra player to an existing game, in an engine that already has multiplayer support. What has he even done?

  • I would play the shit out of this, Have many fond memories of Jedi Academy – Sabers Only multiplayer.

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