This Week In Games: Console Space Trucking, Platforming And Sneaking

This Week In Games: Console Space Trucking, Platforming And Sneaking

While the free console games aren’t anything special and this January is as dry on new releases as every other January, there are a few games coming out this week that are definitely worthy of attention.

Rebel Galaxy (PS4)

What is it? A game about space trucking with a Cowboy Bebop-esque soundtrack.
Should you care? Absolutely. It’s charming, immediately accessible and manages to blend the naval combat of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag with space, which works infinitely better than you’d think. For those on Xbox One, Rebel Galaxy launches next week. (The link above goes to the PC version, but the developers have said it will launch on the 5th on the US PSN for US$20.)

Amplitude (PS4)

What is it? The next-gen reboot of Harmonix’s PS2 rhythm classic.

Should you care? I didn’t play the original, so this looks like a massively amped up version of Audiosurf — which can only be a good thing. But rhythm games aren’t for everyone, Amplitude most of all. Watch this gameplay video and you’ll get an idea whether this is your jam.

Hardware Rivals (PS4)

What is it? A multiplayer-focused vehicle shooter.

Should you care? Everyone’s getting it for free provided you have an active PS+ subscription. I’ve got no excitement for this whatsoever, and reports from the beta last year didn’t encourage a shift in my position. But it could turn out better than expected. Hell, it’s free.

Volume (PS Vita)

What is it? It’s the narrative-focused, stealth-oriented game from the maker of Thomas Was Alone (Mike Bithell). The game launched on PC and PS4 last year and was meant to have a simultaneous Vita release, but that got delayed by a few weeks. And then it got delayed by a hell of a lot more. The Vita port is finally out this week.

Should you care? Chris rather enjoyed his time with Volume, describing it as a second excellent projecct from Bithell. This should play fairly well on the Vita, too, although I’d rather spend more time with Invisible, Inc. to get my stealth fix.

Discovery (Wii U)

What is it? A world-building block game inspired by Minecraft.

Should you care? No. Why wouldn’t you just play Minecraft?

Contract (PC)

What is it? A noir-esque side-scrolling shooter where you’re a man blackmailed into the world of assassination by the people who kidnapped your brother.

Should you care? Looks good and has a cool premise, but there’s a few red flags here. The fact that “skip through the story by mashing ENTER” is listed as one of the main features leads me to think that the story might be a bit trash.

Pony Island (PC)

What is it? A puzzle game supposedly not about ponies where you’re trapped in an arcade machine. But you’re controlling a pony.

Should you care? This looks really unusual and has a super cool aesthetic. It’s a shame that it’s launching just after the Steam sales, but it looks real interesting nonetheless.

Did we miss anything? What are you picking up this week?


  • Rebel Galaxy is so much fun.
    If you even slightly think it might be your cup of tea, pick it up and you won’t be disappointed.

      • Nah. It’s very much an arcade style game rather than a sim.
        I prefer 1st person views too but 3rd is pretty necessary for this game’s combat and doesn’t detract from it.

        • Sounding a little bit like Freelancer. Might satiate my needs while Star Citizen is still in the pipelines

          Hopefully it gets launched elsewhere as well as I’d be keen for it on PS4 as I’m currently sans PC 🙁

          • Wasn’t sure if it’s actually confirmed on PS4. Usually they have pre-orders for unreleased games on the PS Store don’t they or is that just the larger games? Keen as mustard though if it is out this week

    • Hearing the GiantBomb staff gushing over it during their GoTY stuff, and the description above of it being AC:Black Flag ship combat in space, has definitely raised my interest in it…

      • I got gifted the game and knew only the main trailer’s worth of info going in.
        At first I was like “Broadside combat? In space?” Now I’m like “Broadside combat! In space!”
        Reminds me a bit of Battlestar Galactica with it’s two huge space hulks blowing each other to bits with huge guns while fighters zip around and pew pew and get shot down by AA turret fire.

  • Amplitude is hopefully good, I backed it and am still waiting for early access. (they had a massive problem with codes for Non Can/US/UK people) Just hope I get to play it.

  • Damn. Both Alex and @jocon recommendation for Rebel Galaxy, mention of one of my favourite games ever? (Black Flag)

    I better go check that out and watch that trailer.


  • Is that an Australian release date though? Says 6th for NA. Then 12th/19th for euro.
    Everyone always forgets us pirates down under.

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