Volume, The New Game From The Maker Of Thomas Was Alone, Is Out Now

Wondering what the creator of Thomas Was Alone has been doing? He's been making Volume.

It's a stealth-oriented, narrative centric stealth puzzler, where the player inserts themselves into the Volume "to halt the corruption of Gisborne Industries". Mike Bithell, the game's creator, describes it as a "reimagining of the Robin Hood legend".

It's available for US$18 on Steam. It's got some interesting talent in there, with Andy Serkis (the voice of Gollum) paired alongside YouTube star Charlie McDonnell, while the Thomas Was Alone narrator Danny Wallace has a role as well.

Volume's launching on the PS4 and PS Vita (although the Vita version will be delayed by a few weeks), but there's no listing on the Australian PS Store at the time of writing. Chances are it'll probably be around $20-25, but when a listing goes up (or the developer confirms with me) I'll update this post and let you all know.


    Game looks like it's inspired by the VR missions from Metal Gear Solid.

      Or by those goblin camp infiltrations in TLoZ: Skyward Sword.

    Been looking forward to this, though it might have to wait a couple weeks

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